Friday, January 7, 2011

"Bring Happiness To Each Other"

A couple of years ago I stopped making New Year's resolutions (let's be honest, they were always the same 1-lose weight, 2-read scriptures every day 3-etc etc and when I messed up the first Tuesday of January, they were shot for the rest of the year. oops! I'll try again next year:) you get the picture.) So I have been coming up with "themes" to describe how I want to live my life for that year. Last year was "Enjoy" and I truly did enjoy the year. I had a great year.
Here are the top ten of 2010:
1. Josh (my brother) and Megan's twins were born and I got to go see them:)
2. I learned to sew
3. I ran 2 half marathons
4. Brett and I went on Youth Pioneer Trek.
5. We visited Utah for the summer.
6. Tobe started school. Jane started 1st Grade.
7. We lost first teeth.
8. We added 2 baby girls to the Hatch family
9. Brett and I celebrated 9 years of marriage.

I "Enjoyed" 2010. But it is time to put it behind us and look forward to 2011.

During Family Home Evening we decided that we would have a family theme for the year. The theme is "Bring Happiness to Each Other". We discussed what makes each of us happy and we thought of ideas to make each other happy. Brett and I have agreed to watch TV a little less and be with the kids a little more. I have agreed to allow toys on my main floor so the TV can stay off and the kids get more play time-this will be tough for me:) But as I look for the silver lining, it will also teach the kids to pick up after themselves every night when mom's tired of the toys.
Anyway-I am anxious to see how this changes the spirit of our home.

Here are a few pictures of things that make Aly happy, and I have to admit, they make me happy too:)
She says she looks like a rock star

She is addicted to the computer at age 3 (along with the rock star on top of the "bootiful" outfit-with about 4 layers of make-up.)

I love days when we have no where to be and I can just stay home and "bring happiness" to my family:)


Dawn said...

Her outfit makes me happy too!! She is such a girly girl! You had a great year last year. Although this year has started off a little rocky it will get better. Lots of visitors planning to visit Indiana so gear up!! I think this years theme for you should be "Clean Up - Company is Coming!!" Hee Hee!
Chin Up and enjoy a messy toy filled family room - (yikes... )

Indiana Smith Family said...

What a great idea, to have a theme for the year. You are a great mom!!

But, toys on the main floor!! That is just wrong!!!
Kidding, you know I am just teasing!!

Debbie said...

Aly is a HOOT! Happy New Year!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Love the wig! haha :) What a great list from last year and AWESOME family theme for this year.

If you find anything that works well with the cleaning up the toys thing - please let me know!!!

jeanne said...

Have to love that Aly! What a great idea with the theme for the year. Have to try that. Looking forward to a great 2011, too.

kami @ said...

Aly cracks me up. She is like 3 going on 16. are gonna need some help. ;)

I'm envious of your #3. What an accomplishment!

Marti said...

I love that idea! We got together the other day at Staci's and I totally missed you! Hopefully you will come out this summer and we can get together...and then you can see the new baby coming in July! Hope you are doing well!