Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Is Everything

We are home!! Home is a relative term. When we got to Utah it felt like we had never left. Family gathered; some look a little older, some act a little younger:), but the feeling is always the same, familiar and comfortable. When we arrived home to Indiana, Jane said, "it feels like we never left Indiana, but in Utah it felt like we never left Utah." I tried for a moment to teach her that that is what heaven will be like. It will be like home. She liked that idea. I did too. I am so glad that families are forever because to me, family is everything!!

Here is our trip in pictures- LOTS of pictures:

A Picnic with Mom

Swimming at the Pool (that Tobe and Aly each took turns pooping in--ugh!! maybe next year, sigh!!) :

Josh with the Babies (they visited me at the Horse Show)

They all had the same shirts with Chubaca on them

Picnic with Friends:

Adrian, Staci, Kami, Me

Mom's Freezer Jam:

Dinner with Friends:

Jen, Me, Laura, Stacy, Jenna

Playdate with Jenna and kids:

The Donut Shop-Yum!!:


Jane loved the babies. They were the hardest for her to leave:(

Ashley's House:


Park with our Lehi Friends:

Hanging Out:

The 4th of July:

Aly ate 8 of these

Dawn always has a few games up her sleeve. We played Minute to Win It. It was really fun.


Saying "Good-bye":(

On the road again:

Worlds Largest Candy Necklace (lasted 5 minutes)

Colorado with the Hatch's:

Riding on Grandpa's Tractor.

The pigs, which we will enjoy for dinner later on this year.

Grandpa found a snake--ewww.

Playing with cousins.

Visiting the Missouri Hatch's

Cousin Gavin and Wyatt

Sleeping on the road is never an easy thing, unless you are a kid.

We had so much fun. Some may think I am crazy for driving clear across the country with 3 small children. But I think it is worth every, "MOM ARE WE THERE YET!!"


Erica said...

So much fun- glad you stopped for the day!! I am also so happy that your travels were safe and you arrived back safe.

Becca said...

sad i missed you-darn my brother's wedding! hopefully next time--looks like it was an action-packed fun time. miss and love you!

Indiana Smith Family said...

I love this post. Family is important!! You are never going to convince me to drive to Utah though.

kami @ no biggie said...

I'm so glad I got to see you while you were here. I wish we could have done a Tyler/Dorius girls night too.

My favorite of all the pictures besides the one of me eating a chip ;) is the one of Ashley on the ride at Lagoon with Tobe and Aly. That is a cool picture!

I'm glad you made it back safe.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

WOW!!!! Looks like you had a fabulous trip and you have the pics to prove it! Too funny that Aly ate 8 of those cupcakes. She and Noah would get along well. :) And all that jam - impressive! I would love a jar of that.

I've been looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing pics. The babies are beautiful! And the kids look like they were just in heaven being with all of their cousins and everyone. Great post. Thanks for sharing all these.

Logan and Ashley said...

Wow what a fun trip! Next time I request more time!! :) One day just wasn't enough!

jenn said...

Okay, I miss you already, could you please come back "home" NOW!!!! It is too quiet with out the kiddos. I miss the gatherings, I miss you. The pics made me giggle and remember all of the good times. This time seemed too short. Come back!

Jenna said...

Had so much fun catching up! But I totally feels like you left Utah! I miss having you around! So glad you had a fun trip and that we got to spend some of it with you! Miss you....

BradandMelanie said...

Wow, what fun times!! It seems like it's always fun with family no matter what you're doing, though, right?

amanda said...

i love our family. i miss them too. i love colin. hes cute

Anj said...

If you are ever in town again, we'd love to see you (I know that's a big request because you have a million people to see and a things to do)!

I'm so impressed at how you keep the memory of your mom alive. It puts a smile on my heart! I hope you're recovering from your trip;)

Staci said...

It was really fun to see you Amanda, you and your kids are adorable! I really should have done my hair that day (yikes) I'll blame it on postpartum. Looks like you had such a fun vacation. Let's do it again when you come back!

Liz said...

I am so sorry but I could not stop laughing over your kids pooping in the pool:)

broni said...

Manda.. I totally blog stalked you. I was going through some of my stuff and I found your wedding invite. Random I know. I'm so glad I found you. You are so beautiful and your kids are gorgeous..

broni said...

So when I goggled you I forgot your Bretts name. Then I laughed. But I got married almost a year ago. On the 31st it'll be a year. Crazy. email me then we can swap numbers and catch up.