Thursday, January 13, 2011


Jane loves to draw and write letters to me (to anyone really). She's learning so many new things in school and she is so expressive. I love her love notes, not so much her mean notes ("mom I'm mad at you" notes). I am glad that she can express herself through drawing and writing though. Some I keep and tuck away in her file, many get tossed in the trash, some go in her "special drawer". But I thought I would share these.
(you'll have to click on them to enlarge so you can see what she has written)

This was hanging on our door for a couple of days. I love the part about not playing on Sundays. So funny!!

These drawings are from a book about my family dog. Dudley was my parent's dog. Dudley loved my mom (and I think she secretly loved him:). When my dad remarried he decided to get rid of Dudley. My sister Ashley took him in and he became their family's dog. Anyway, he passed away a couple of weeks ago and this rocked Jane's world. She was so upset. She cried herself to sleep for a couple of nights. She felt robbed that she didn't get to hold him one last time. It was sad really.

This last one is from Monday night. Jane felt like she was getting in trouble a little more than usual and she felt it was time for her to go and find another family. So she began packing her bags and writing farewell notes. I asked her where she would go in such cold weather. She thought it through and decided to go somewhere close so she wouldn't get too cold. Then she decided that she wanted to go to a family that would take her to church. So after some thought, she came up with Courtney's family. He is in her 1st grade class and they are in the same primary class. So this was perfect. I suggested she call them first to make sure they could take care of her. She didn't want to do that. She just wanted to go. She kept saying "I have to go...sigh". Tobe was bawling. Aly was asking if she could have all her stuff that she couldn't fit in her backpack. It was quite a sight.

Here's her note.
She made it out the garage door and was back in less than 1 minute.

Apparently we're not doing too well on "bringing happiness" to each other. Huh!! We gotta work on that a little more. I am happy that she decided to stay. I informed her that no one would love her like her family loves her. She was ok with her decision to stay too:)


Gwenevere said...
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Gwenevere said...

At least she wanted a family that would take her to church. That would be a deal breaker for my 7 year old, in fact, because we take him to church just might be the reason he is looking for a new family. He really does not like church

jenn said...

I'm glad Janey bug came back. I would be so sad if she wasn't a part of this family anymore. I would really miss her a lot and it sounds like Tobe would really miss her too.

Dawn said...

She is too smart!!
Such a CRACK UP!!!

Robinson Family said...

Amanda, I check your blog from time to time, and this post just gave me a good laugh. Jane is so cute. Have you seen the new Ramona movie? This reminded me of her. I love how it affected your kids, one sobbing and one already to move on, and I could just picture my three being similar.

The Miranda's said...

Jane wants to join OUR family! That rocks! : ) Seriously though, anytime she wants to come over she can! And then in one of her notes, she said her dad wouldn't let her have Dudley..gosh, what a mean dad!

and I missed you in YW today. sad.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

How funny this will be for Jane to look back on someday. What is it with the drama at this age? Abby has her moments too. Geez. And poor Tobe thinking that Jane was leaving. :( I remember packing my bags when I was a kid too and walking out the front door. I think I made it down the driveway, then turned around and came back. haha :)

I'm sorry to hear about Dudley. That is sad. Very sweet of Jane to write those love notes about him.

Kelsey said...

You know, I think kids are so much better at grieving than adults. Her pictures and letters about Dudley are beautiful and probably helped her to feel so much better.