Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School 2010

I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Not because 2 of my kids will be in school which is fabulous:) but because it means my little kids are growing up and I love to see them succeed. When my mom was sick she mentioned that she was sad that she won't be here to watch Tobe go to kindergarten. As I sent my little boy alone on the bus this morning, I sent a little prayer up to heaven that she'd be with him today.
Jane caught a flu bug on Monday night. After many attempts, the BRAT diet, prayers, pleads--she's still sick. She had to stay home on her first day of school:( It was heart wrenching watching Tobe get on the bus and then watching Jane wave good-bye to all her friends and her brother as the bus drove away.
Thus is life!! Now (hopefully) I'll just have to post again tomorrow of Jane's first day of school:)

Tobe DID NOT want his badge pinned to his clothes. So we pinned it to the strap of his backpack and he was all good to go. He's so silly!!

Walking to the bus stop.

Waiting in line to get on the bus

Trying to cut in line:)

and he's off!!!

My little boy is all growed up!!!


jenn said...

Tobe is too little!!! He is my baby! It made me cry just looking at the pictures of you putting him on the bus. Soooo cute! Sooo scary! Then it really made me cry to think of mom going to school with him. I bet she is there with him right now. She wouldn't miss this day. Poor Jane, that would be hard to miss the first day of school. Call and let me know how he did. Good luck Tobe!!!

Debbie said...

What a good boy! I love the picture of him in the bus. Good luck tomorrow with Jane.

Erica said...

Oh my goodness!!! He is go big! I hope he has a wonderful first day of school. And I really hope that Jane gets feeling better. I know all the excitement with the first day of school and she must have been bummed that she felt so crummy. Can't wait to see Jane's post.

kami @ no biggie said...

What a cute boy, little Tobe-y! I hope his first day went well.

and I hope Jane is feeling better soon. That's scary.

Dawn said...

Why do these pictures make me cry? I am smiling too - almost as big as Tobe's smile!! Mom would be so proud of him and proud of you. We were all talking about him today. He is so special!!

Can't wait to see pictures of Jane's first day!!

Brook said...

I can't believe Tobe is in kindergarten. That is crazy. Looks like he was very excited. Hope he had a fun first day!

amanda said...

to bad i couldnt go. so cute.