Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9 Whole Years!!!

Today is Brett's and my 9th anniversary. I mentioned before that we trade off planning the anniversary. After a 2 year break (I missed the first year here in Indiana (7th) and Brett thought since I missed one, he could too (8th)) we are back to planning. This is my year so Friday we are headed to Louisville, KY to stay the night and attend the temple. I can't wait!!!

So much has happened in the last 9 years. I thought I'd post (in pictures) our journey this far.
**disclaimer: I've definitely seen better days than some of these pictures--woah!!

The Dating Years

We had just begin dating when Brett took me to Cascade Spring for my 22nd birthday.

Engagement/Wedding Day/HoneyMoon

The night we got engaged.

The only time I really got him to dress up for Halloween.

The day I went through the temple for the first time.

Driving from the temple to the reception center.

Puerto Vallarta

The Early Years (before kiddos)

Our first Christmas

Eating our wedding cake on our first anniversary. It was yuck!!!

Pregnant with Jane

Having Babies-Years


Celebrating our 2nd anniversary.

Brett's BYU Graduation


Washington DC (pregnant w/ Aly)


Enjoying the Journey (the ups and downs)

My 30th Birthday @ Snowbird

St George w/ our dear Lehi friends

My Mother
Losing my Mother

Our first Trip to DisneyLand-2008

and the beach

My Father's Wedding

There is no one I'd rather enjoy this journey with than Brett.

Happy 9th Anniversary!!!


Erica said...

I can't tell you enough how happy I am that you are part of our family! You help make it complete. I love spending time with your sweet family and you are such an amazing mom. I love looking at all the pictures- man time flies, uh? I really like that you posted the picture of Brett in swim trunks showing of his skinny white figure!! haha Happy anniversary. Enjoy your weekend away and the temple. Love you guys tons!!!

Alyssa said...

Happy Anniversary! I like to think any overnight adventure with the "hubby" is like a mini-honeymoon (mini-moon). Enjoy your "minimoon" and especially your time at the temple. What a great idea for an anniversary getaway. Your pictures are fabulous. Every time I see a picture of you I am amazed at how you still look as young as you did in those early years. What is your secret???

stalker sarah said...

Happy anniversary!! This is such an awesome post! I love all the photos! You guys are such a cute couple and you have a beautiful family! Enjoy know I LOVE it there! :)

Indiana Smith Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I love all the pictures, so fun to see. And, BTW, you do look super cute with short hair.

Dawn said...

I love to look at all your pictures. You have always been good about bringing your camera.

Better years? Whatever!! So you grew your hair out- Big Deal!!! (wink wink). Your smile is absolutely gorgeous in every single picture! You are a calm and HAPPY person and it shows in your smile!!

Together, you and Brett have had lots of ups and downs but have become closer through it all.

I hope you have a wonderful anniversary!! You and Brett make a great team!
Have a GREAT time!!

broni said...

Wow 9 yrs. What is amazing is you still look the same.. So pretty. Congrats and have a fun weekend

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it has been 9 years since I got to share that day with you! Enjoy your weekend! Miss you like always...

Lee said...

Love the pics!! And you look smokin' with your short hair.. I like the long too. :) Happy 9 Year!! I hope you enjoy your time in Louisville! How fun to get away. :)

Lyndee said...

Happy Day to you guys!!! I love the pictures. Have a great day.

amanda said...

Mommy I love you and your blog. Mommy your blog just makes me feel like I have to respect you a lot more better. I love you mommy. Love Jane

Dawn said...

Jane you are a good girl!!!

amanda said...

Jane--you are so silly!!!

kami @ said...

Happy Anniversary! It's fun to look back at you two over the last 9 years.

Have fun celebrating!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Happy Anniversary! I love all the close-ups pics of you two in the car going from here to there. :) Such a beautiful picture story and a beautiful family that you two have created. Have a great anniversary weekend!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary! Are you in that huge winter storm we saw on TV??

Kelsey said...

I love these pictures!! What a beautiful family! You two really have not changed that much since your early years--except for Brett's blonde highlights in those first pics. :)