Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tobe Starts School

Tobe started preschool on September 9th. Preschool is a lot more expensive out here in Indiana but I needed Tobe to have a qualified attentive teacher to help me get him ready for Kindergarten which is only one year away. We found a fabulous semi-affordable place that has helped him a lot. We are very happy with our choice and I feel with a little extra encouragement from home, Tobe should be ready in a year. Cross your fingers:)

We are already extremely proud of his success this far:)


Lee said...

It is amazing the changes that happen in one year. Love the cute pics!

Debbie said...

Good luck little Tobey-Tobe.
How is your husband doing??

Alyssa Hanzon said...

Isn't it amazing how expensive preschool can be outside of Utah. Where I live, it is as high as $1000/month. And the lowest I have seen is $495/month. Thank heavens for a state program called VPK, or I would not be able to send Mallory. Glad to hear you found a great place for Tobe. I know he will be ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. And no matter where you live, extra help at home always goes a long way with kids and their learning. Good luck. Hope Brett is well. I hear he had an unexpected trip to the hospital.