Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 for the price of..........2:{

September has been very eventful in the Indiana Hatch home.

Tobe began the month with a scheduled surgery to fix a little birth defect on his little boy part. I'll spare you the details and I'll spare him the embarrassment. Let's just say that we no longer fear the teasing in the locker room and we are very pleased with the results;)

They gave him a little something so the separation wouldn't be so traumatic. It worked immediately. It was weird to see him so out of it.
This was after his surgery. It took about 45 minutes and he was ready to go home. Wow--the things they can do these days.

The anesthesia wearing off.
About an hour after this photo was taken he was outside riding his bike. Kids are so resilient.

Now let's talk about Brett:)

Last Saturday ( a week ago ) Brett complained of a stomach ache. I didn't think much of it. When men are sick it always seems so much more dramatic than women. I reluctantly let him mope around the house for about 3 days until it was finally time to see a doctor and figure this out. He went in Tuesday afternoon and by Tuesday evening they were wheeling him into surgery to remove an enflamed appendix.

Here he is recovering......and he is still recovering:) I'll keep you posted on his progress.

So as you can see, life has been a bit busy over here. But I must say that we have been very well taken care of. From angels who took my kids at last minute moments (even overnight), to meals, to just being a listening ear, I have great friends. I feel so blessed.

Thank you!!


Erica said...

So happy to hear that Tobe did good for his little surgery. Is Brett smiling before he went under the knife? Crazy to see him in a hospital bed- in all the crazy things he did as a kid, he never had to go to the hospital for anything. I guess time caught up with him after 32 years. Best of luck on a speedy recovery- for everyone!! :-)

Sara said...

I'm glad the patients are recovering, but I'm pretty sure YOU'RE going to need some recoop time here pretty soon. I'm glad you had so many helping hands -- please know I would have been there, too!

Dawn said...

I am so glad you have found good friends. We wish we could have been there for you.

When I moved away - Mom would tell me to "depend on my ward. Allow them to be like family and take care of you when you need it." She KNEW without a doubt that her children would be taken care of, if necessary. She was right. She was ALWAYS right!

What would we do without good friends in our neighborhoods and churches???

Kami said...

I too am so glad to hear that you are surrounded by so many great friends out there. I hope they are all feeling better now. no fun at all.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

What a week! I'm so glad that all is well now with BOTH of your guys. :)