Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Funny Story

Today Jane was having a Jane Day. That's what I call it when Jane is in her foul grumpy mood and there is no stopping her. She was mad that I blogged about her (and here I am blogging about her again:), she was mad that I wouldn't help her RIGHT NOW with her new blog post, she was mad that Tobe went through the back door before her, she was mad that the kids were watching Noggin instead of Disney get my drift.

Well today we received a package from Jane's cousin, Kamyrn, of all her hand-me-down clothes. Aly got a hold of it and put on a dance suit that was in the box. When Jane noticed what Aly was wearing she threw a fit.

"Those are MY clothes. Get them off her RIGHT NOW!!!"

"Jane I will change her when we go inside but don't pull them off your sister out here." (we were outside in the front yard)

"I want her to change NOW!!"

When I told her "No", she ran inside and slammed the door. (She's such a peach sometimes:)

I ignored her behavior as I am slowly learning to do.

Minutes later Jane came running out the door in Aly's outfit. (I really wish I had pictures of this) Her attitude had completely changed and she was laughing her head off.

It was quite a sight; crop, midriff shirt; short capri pants riding up the "you know what". She jumped on her bike and continued to ride laughing til she was red in the face, when all of a sudden the neighbor kids (including a boy close to her age) came out and asked if she could play.

Jane was humiliated. She jumped off her bike and ran inside the house covering her tummy and bum.

I thought it was a very clever idea on her part and was thrilled that her attitude adjusted back to the Jane that I love.


Staci said...

Her little attitude sounds so much like my Chloe. It is refreshing to know there are other little girls with sass! I love that story, so funny!

Alan said...

Caroline had a Jane Day today before soccer. 5 years and counting and we haven't figured her out.

jenn said...

I still love that "spit-fire." She can be a pain in the a.., but when it is all said and done, she adds spice to your life.

Aly said...

Ok, that may be the best story I have heard in a long time... too bad you didn't have a picture... that would have been awesome for her first date! Love IT!!

Dawn said...

She is a stinker!!!
Packages in the mail are THE BEST when you live "far, far, away!"

Natalie said...

LOL! I wish I could have witnessed that one.

Alyssa Hanzon said...

Quick thinking on Jane's part. She IS a very clever little girl. Did it bother Aly at all that Jane was wearing her clothes???? What a funny sight.

Lee said...

This totally makes me giggle. Gotta love it!

Logan and Ashley said...

Seriously so funny! Oh my gosh.

BradandMelanie said...

Thanks for the laugh, this is too funny!!