Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauties, Birthdays, Spring Break, and Easter

I remember when I was having babies and moving from one apartment to another I said to myself and maybe to others, "I can't wait to just live. Normal day to day life, without major events." Well that time is here:) And while I am loving it, it's slim pickin's for blog posts. Not too much excitement around here.
That's not to say that our lives are boring in anyway. But uneventful...and uneventful is oh so nice:)

Here are my silly girls. They love watching YouTube. They watch make-up tutorials and get ideas on how to be beautiful. And beautiful they are....
Aly is still learning how to "apply" make-up.

These are the latest iPad photos. I love the surprises I see on my iPad of girls being girls.

Brett turned 34 on the 12th of March. The kids and I made him breakfast and collected a basket of his favorites including SmartFood popcorn, mike and ikes, garden seeds, a puzzle, and other favorites of daddy.
I took him rock climbing and to dinner. On his real birthday we had a FHE on how special dads are and how lucky we are to have daddy in our family. I hope he felt special. The kids love spoiling him:)
This picture is pre-lasik. I had lasik surgery in March. After 25 years of glasses and contacts, I finally can see!!!--gadget free!!

Janey was in our church's annual "Divine by Design" Fashion Show. She got to walk down the runway in her baptism dress. She also got to have her hair done. She felt like one special lady.

Spring Break 2012 was spent in Washington DC. My brother lives in DC with his wife so I packed up the kids and we headed East to be with family.
The Metro
The Capital
Jane found some glasses on the street. Aly found a ring. The kids were convinced that this city was filled with treasures. Some nice and some not so nice.
Aunt Stephy made up the girls all pretty with her coveted collection of make-up. This was definitely Aly's favorite part.

Aly was whining and complaining that her legs hurt. So Uncle Adam said he'd give her a ride if she smiled the whole way, and she did. Too funny!!

On the waterfront in Alexandria, VA there were 3 coins glued to the ground. It happened to be April Fools Day but I'm not sure if this was the reason. All the people around were laughing at the kids determination to get the coins off the ground. Jane finally got hers leaving the other 2 in tears. Uncle Adam gave them each a coin from his pocket.
Minutes later there was a couple playing the violin and the harp. Jane and Aly willingly gave up their coins. Tobe on the other hand kept going to the bucket but just couldn't part from his precious money. After 3 attempts, he decided he would keep his quarter and use it for himself later:)
The Washington DC temple. It was absolutely gorgeous.
The kids were so wild and hyper for most of the trip but when they stood at the feet of the Savior, they were so reverent and in awe. It was a sweet moment (that unfortunately didn't last long:)

Feeding the gigantic and scary Koy Fish.

The kids thought that city life was super cool. We spent most of our days at an inner city school park and unfortunately I don't have any pictures. We walked a lot and the kids were so amazed that Adam and Steph actually live in a hotel (aka Studio Apt). We had so much fun. For me, I loved being with Adam. It's so nice to be around family when you are so far from home. And I loved watching the kids take it all in.


Another cake tutorial that I broke down and let the kids try.

My friend Melanie invited the kids to an Easter Party with an easter egg hunt.

So now we are all caught up from the happenings of the last month.
We are busy and happy!!!


Erica said...

I am so happy for you that you lasik. I want to see your cute face!!! I just glad that you are better at blogging than me. I love seeing your great family!

Indiana Smith Family said...

So cute! Love all the pictures. I love the picture of Jane by the fish. She is so grown up. I love that you got to go visit family. And yay for no more glasses!!!

Dawn said...

I love the girly girls with their make up and the fact that Tobe is learning to SAVE his funny. They all crack me up. The Easter cake I'm sure tasted yummy...???... ;)
Glad you got to spend time with Adam. It's always fun to visit family!!! We loved seeing Adam here in Utah last week & we can't wait until YOUR family arrives.

Alyssa said...

Great pictures! Glad your trip to DC was so fun. Love the pic of you and Adam at the temple. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful temple, and big sibling smiles. Love it!