Friday, February 17, 2012


I am not a creative mom--at all!! But my girls are obsessed with tutorials on YouTube. After watching this tutorial I figured I could pull this off. And we did:

The kids put together a Mermaid Party and invited Jane's friend Ashlee. They decorated with all of their Little Mermaid memorabilia and even wrote out an agenda for the party (she's her mother's daughter).
At the end of the party she said, "Well I think that was a success!!"
Too cute!!

But that is not all --after much work and studying this week on some very hard spelling words...

...the kids both got 100% on their spelling tests!!!!

I am one proud mama:)


Erica said...

OK is it just me or do Jane's spelling words look hard for 2nd grade?! Great job to those kiddos!!!

Dawn said...

Yippee!!! Good Job Everyone!!! Passing Tests & Planning Parties!!
I love the party and the awesome cake. Jane is starting early with the party planning - I love it!!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Awesome cake!!! YAY for 200% on spelling tests too! :)

The Miranda's said...

so cute and what a great idea!! congrats to your kiddos!

Kristine said...

Hey Manda! Your cake turned out really cute. I have been looking at your blog, but not commenting very much, sorry :)
I would love to go to lunch the next time you come to town...if you have time. My email is,
Hope you are doing good!

Indiana Smith Family said...

By the way... You ARE a creative mom!!