Sunday, February 5, 2012

DisneyWorld Day 7

It killed me every time my kids asked if they could just go back tot hotel and swim. Here we were at Magic Kingdom and my kids were begging to swim. Because Disney closes early in the winter, we had plenty of time to swim.

After a morning of swimming we went back to Magic Kingdom for one last day.

Lesson #16 - USE FAST PASSES
It killed my kids to wait in line. Oh how spoiled kids are these days:) But it was nice to have fast passes for the more popular rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.

And one final ferry boat ride to the parking lot.

I will always go to Disney in the off season. I know it is a pain to take kids out of school but it was so nice to escape the cold and head to "Paradise" and the lines were never any longer than a 25 minute wait (except Tinkerbell:)
We had so much fun!!! It was good to get away just the 5 of us and spend time with each other. Worth every penny!!!!


Dawn said...

I love all the poses on the rides. I always tried to "suck in and smile" or "look pretty" (like mom taught) for the camera. But Aaron & the kids preplanned their poses much like Janey's upside-down pose & Brett's crazy faces & hand signals. So fun!

Aly did look beautiful - wonder what the hotel pillowcase looked like the next morning. And for being a cheaper hotel, the pool looks awesome!!!

I'm so glad you went (and took lots of photos). It's always worth the money (& extra homework).

Erica said...

I loved reading all your posts about Disney!! I can't wait for Everett to get bigger so we can go again. What fun you guys had!! And Brett in the pictures- so Brett!! haha!

amy said...

So fun to read about DisneyWorld!! Looks like you had a Magical time! Love the idea about the $50 for the kids. Now I want to go to Disneyland!! (It's a little bit closer) :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Did I miss Days 1-4 somewhere? I can't seem to find those posts...maybe it's me. But days 5-7, how fun!!!!!!!! It is SO much better to go on the off season. I mean, look at all of the characters they were able to meet! Very cool. And to not have to stand in line forever and fight the crowds? definitely worth it. When we went last Cmas, it was neat to see the decorations, etc...but it was nuts. Much better when we went in March of '08.

Love all of your pictures and what a GENIUS idea to take a picture of those ride photos. Totally making a mental note of that for next time. We can't wait to go back! So glad that you guys got to go - it really is magical, isn't it? :)

The Miranda's said...

those pictures from the rides are hilarious! i love it! we have been wanting to go so bad and your advice is totally helpful! your pictures make me crave disney!

jeanne said...

Wow! What a fun time for all of you. So many great pics and good memories for all. Seems you had a great plan and all went well. Thanks for sharing with us! Thought about you every day and now know that you were having a wonderful time!