Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

As luck would have it, our Spring Break and my sister, Ashley's Spring Break landed on the same week. Her kids were going on vacation with their dad so she was able to come and spend the whole week with us. Yay!! We loved having her and I loved just spending time with my sister.

During the cold winter months the kids and I often escape to the mall to play on the playplace and visit the Disney Store. Well with my little Fancy Girly Aly, we have added to our ritual the "underwear store". Aly loves to visit Victoria's Secret where I willingly let her use all the make up samples to paint her face:) Ash took a picture of the result:

We went to a Pacers game.

Brett got Larry Bird to sign his tickets for my nephew Rustyn.

We visited the Children's Museum:

Ash and I went to the Louisville Kentucky temple.

And this is the day she left:( Jane begged to be checked out of school to say one final good-bye to Aunt Ashley. I am a sucker and let her. So we took some pictures outside of her school.

It was hard to say good-bye. I just love my sister. Without my mom around, my sisters have naturally taken her place. I am so lucky!! Thanks Ash for spending the time you could have had all to yourself with us!! 3 rambunctious kiddos and me:) We love you!!


Indiana Smith Family said...

I am so happy that your sister came to visit. It looks like you guys were busy and had a lot of fun. You deserve it!!

Dawn said...

Yay!! New pictures! Ash told me about the "underwear store" and just giggled like crazy tell me. Your kids are so funny!! The picture of Ash and Aly makes me teary. It's so hard to let family leave and hard to leave family. I'm so happy she got to visit. She always amazes me. Ash can make anything happen. You sure look great!!

Ashley said...

It was my absolute pleasure! Thanks for being such great hosts. Nothing like time spent with sisters (and silly kiddos) :)

stalker sarah said...

It sure looks like you had a GREAT time! Love all the photos! I LOVE the picture of Aly with the makeup on! She sure is cute! Glad you had FUN! :)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

What a fun spring break!!! Love all the pics! That make-up on Aly is too funny.

Logan and Ashley said...

I have forgotten everthing else you wrote because I cant get over the underwear store! Oh my gosh so hilarious!!