Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easter 2011-New Addition

Here is my attempt to catch up on all that has happened since I last posted. Here we go.

Easter was a big deal this year only because we completed our family with another boy...Theo!! Brett had been looking for a while for a new puppy for the family. We visited our local pet store and fell in love with Theo. We even named him at the store before we took him home.
Here we are at the Pet Store. All the kids loved him. Even Tobe who wasn't very convinced we needed a new puppy. Daddy and the girls did not want to leave the store without him.

So when the kids went to bed Daddy went back to the store and brought him home:)

He's doubled in size and energy but we love having him our family. We feel that he complete's our little family nicely.

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