Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Part 1

We have been so lucky over the past few weeks to have family come to Indiana to visit us. I am always so humbled and grateful when people come all the way to Indiana. I mean really, who comes to Indiana for any other reason then to see US?!? We must be special:) or we just have really great family:) BOTH!!

Brett's sister Erica and her family (Jamey, Spencer, Jamison and Everett) came on their Spring Break to visit us. We had such a great time. I need to get some of their pictures because since I'm not on vacation I seem to forget my camera..duh!! We went to a Pacer's game, the mall, the Children's Museum, the Speedway and a drive through the city. It was fun just letting the kids play and catching up on each other's lives. There's nothing better than family!!

Tobe wasn't feeling well so he opted for the bench on the Merry-Go-Round. Poor kid!!

As I mentioned, Tobe came down with some sort of infection (ears, sinus, finger??). This is how his thumb looked one morning and he said, "Mom, this kinda hurts." Ya think?!?

All in all we had a great week with the Stanworths. Thank you so much for spending your Spring Break with us!!

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