Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Good "Birthday" Weekend

This winter has been very hard for me. I've always joked that I'm not a winter person, but really I think it is becoming a serious matter. This last 4 months have been some of the most challenging months of my life. A lot of gray skies in the literal and not so literal sense have hovered over my home. I've learned a lot, cried a lot, and leaned a lot on those who love me most. And here I am. I have survived. My tulips are blooming and the sun has shown it's lovely face in the last few days. Spring is in the air and I think no one is more happy than I am. (well maybe my sisters, brothers, and Brett-for my sake:)

Last weekend amidst the gray, I had made up my mind to pull out of the funk if just for a moment to celebrate my wonderful husband's birthday. He is such a great person (believe me I KNOW!!!) He is patient with me. He truly loves me and his children. He wants what's best for us and he tries with all his might to bring joy to our family. He always looks on the bright side of things which is something that is difficult for me. He is such a great example to me.

We started the weekend off with a "late over" with the kids and Haley (Jane's best friend). We got in our jammies, grabbed our blankets and popcorn and watched Ramona and Beezus.

nice picture of me-I know

The next morning was Brett's actual birthday. Jane had made him a card with some coupons in it. (free back scratch, an hour of uninterrupted reading, a bike ride with Jane, a Saturday afternoon watching sports, etc. ) She couldn't wait to give it to him.

We then made him breakfast. Well the kids and I. Tobe kept telling him the night before that he was to stay in his bed until breakfast was ready. So the secret was out and Brett knew just what to do. He did wonder why it was taking so long:)
Jane made the pancakes and eggs all by herself.

Tobe layed out the bacon.

Aly stirred the pancake mix.

And voila!! There you have it....

Brett felt very loved. The kids picked out a green work shirt (green being Brett's favorite color) and Tobe even made him his own card with the words "Hape Brthda" on it.

I got him the new Thomas S. Monson book. But his real present was coming later.....

We had planned to go out for his birthday. He chose the restaurant using our coupons. It was a very fancy restaurant (esp for what we were doing after-which was still a surprise to him). We sat by a fireplace and enjoyed a quiet, relaxing, yummy dinner and then....


Yep!! You read that right. I had found a Groupon for 2 admissions, 2 roller skate rentals, and 2 sodas for $12. You can't beat that. A night of absolute throwback fun, holding hands, skating to the loudest music I have ever heard with the man of my dreams. It was a blast. It's been a while since we've done something FUN and we so needed it.

I think he had a great birthday. He is very loved!!

We now have many fun things to look forward to. A few visitors are heading this way (visitors are a lonely girl's best friend--just so ya'll know--hint hint:), we have a few trips (one being our early 10th Anniversary celebration, but Brett's in charge of that), my trip to Colorado and Utah for the summer, and this next winter Brett and I have a plan of attack. Jane's baptism, Nauvoo for Thanksgiving, and maybe even a trip to DisneyWorld in the awful month of January:)

Aww!! The sun is beginning to shine:)


Alyssa said...

Spring is wonderful. It brings hope and a renewed sense of truly "living" life. Your rollerskating date sounded awesome. I love to rollerskate/rollerblade. I am glad you could enjoy Brett's birthday in such a fun way!

Indiana Smith Family said...

I am glad you guys had fun rollerskating. It sounds like a lot of fun. And I am soooooo glad the sun is shining!

Ashley said...

I can tell you are doing much better! I love you girl:)

amanda said...

i love it. but not dads part now. remember thos pepole skating in front of you. holding echother, not hands. any way by

stalker sarah said...

YAY for roller skating! How fun! And YAY for Spring! I think we've all been in a little bit of a funk through that nasty, gray winter! It sounds like you have a lot of fun trips in your future! :):) Happy belated birthday to Brett!

Staci said...

I hear ya Amanda, I am a complete different person when the sun is shining! I dread winters, I totally feel blah all winter long!
If you have time in your schedule, lets plan a girls night this summer when you come to Utah.
I'm sure your husband felt so loved on his Birthday. That is awesome you guys went roller skating, that sounds like a lot of fun!
Let's hope the sun shines soon and often!

Sara said...

Hooray for the sun. I hope you had beautiful skies this afternoon (we did down here in Bloomington).

Next winter sounds like a ton of fun! Just think -- you'll look forward to winter all year now. :)

Happy Birthday to Brett. We miss you guys!

The Miranda's said...

Happy Birthday Brett! What an awesome idea! You seriously continue to amaze me when I read your blogs! You are such a good mother and wife!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Happy Birthday to Brett! Roller skating - woohoo!!! Looks like you guys had a blast. :)

We've got some sunshine over here too! And tulips! I am SO excited for tulips!!!

Sounds like an awesome plan for next winter. I've heard that January is the BEST time to go to Disney. FUN!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

P.S. Loved Ramona and Beezus!!! So cute!

Kelsey said...

Roller skating...classic! Dave and I went ice skating with some friends on MLK JR day, and it was fun, although I'm sure we were the only ones there who weren't 1) children 2) parents with children or 3) teenagers.

jeanne said...

Amanda, I feel like such a bad mother-in-law! I had no idea it was so bad this winter for you. I am sorry I didn't phone more often. I will try to do better. Sounds like Brett had a great birthday. You are a special woman to be so good to him! Love you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tara said...

I wish I could've spent more time with you when we were in Indiana! Here's hoping for enough blue skies and trips to the park to make up for such a crummy winter!