Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February is Over...Check!!

Looks like this has become a "monthly" blog. That's about all I can muster up these days. February is over which means I am closer to warmer weather and my trip to Utah--things I look forward to:) Here is how we spent our February days:

At the beginning of February we had an ice storm which closed school for 4 days. Wow!! We were going a little stir crazy being stuck in the house. Our street was literally an ice rink. I have some fun video of sledding without a sled, but I'm not sure how to get it on here. I wish I had pictures of outside, but all I have is some of us stuck inside:
Jane painted the kids faces with red marker to make it look like they were bleeding. Weird? I know. Oh the things they do to keep busy.

This next picture needs no words. In fact it'll make you speechless......

Jane took a few after school classes including balloon making which was her favorite:

The absolute BEST part about February wasn't the ice storms, the 6+ days of cancelled school, the 2 hour delays, the below freezing temps, the flooding, the replacing our sump pump (just in the nick of time for the flooding:) Nope!!! Wasn't any of that:

Joshie, Megan and the BABIES came to visit. As much as I say thank you to them, they will NEVER know how much their visit meant to me. I am so lucky to have such a great family--that is why I miss them soooo much:(. So anyway, Josh came and brought his lovely wife Megan, their adorable babies, Benny and Colin and the sunshine. We had the best weather of the month while they were here so we got out and did some fun things.

Here we are at IvanHoes in Upland, Indiana. It was an hour drive (with babies, that is a good nap and a little peace and quiet:) just to get ice cream. They have over 100 sundaes and shakes to choose from. Yum!!!

Josh and Benny
Here we are enjoying the sunshine. Seriously a week prior to this visit, the lawn, sidewalks and streets were covered in 6 inches of ice so I'm not kidding when I say they brought the sun:)
Colin can walk.

We went to an indoor waterpark.

We rearranged the room to keep the babies in. They still found their ways out but it helped for a bit. Those boys are so busy but so dang cute!!!!
We went to the zoo.

This is the night we sent Megan and Josh out on a date so we could have a little time with the babies (they both like their mama--A LOT!!). Tobe loved playing big brother and he wanted his picture taken with the boys. (Most of their visit Tobe was worried about their wardrobe, and the fact that they were messing up his trains. He kept asking Josh to get the babies back on the airplane so they would stop messing with his trains--oh that boy)
Joshie is still their favorite uncle. How can he not be with a Star Wars t-shirt and an IPad. He's the BEST!!!
We were so sad to see them go. They are so fun to be around. I just barely cleaned the hand prints off my walls and windows:( We needed a little Benny and Colin hit for a while.
Thanks for the visit!!!

Last weekend the kids created a little camp out in the kitchen. They even roasted strawberries on a lantern. I think we are all longing for warmer weather.

So there you have our February. It went by much faster than January and we are that much closer to summer. Man do I need to live in a warmer climate. I am not a winter person, if you couldn't tell. But I've survived......barely:)


Dawn said...

Yay!!!! Finally a new post!! I love the pictures. Poor Tobey!! What more can I say... except... Poor Tobey!

Josh and Megan are the best! He's is a great uncle and a GREAT brother!!

Love all the toothless grins!!

stalker sarah said...

I'm sure glad February is over, too! It was crazy! I love all your photos! Looks like you had tons of fun with your company! All the kiddos are so cute! :)

Alyssa said...

Looks like Josh and Megan brought "sunshine" in more ways than just the literal sense. Everyone looks so happy and thrilled to be together. I am glad you were able to spend time with your family and have a sunny boost in your spirit by getting out and enjoying the days. The twins are adorable. And your kids are growing like weeds. Josh cracks me up. I would have loved him as an uncle. None of mine were "cool" like he is....

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

yay! an update!

I can't believe how big Josh's babies are! That year went by so fast!

Let me know when you come for your Utah visit, I'd love to do lunch just girls like the one we did early December.

Logan and Ashley said...

Looks like you made the best of icky weather!

amanda said...

mom we all know you aren't a winter person.

Josh said...

That shot of Ben and I on the driveway is legendary!! Classic father-and-son moment. Our trip was way fun, it went by too quick. Thank you for having our crew come terrorize your house for a week.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Tobe in that leotard & wig is a CRACK UP!!! Definite black mail picture for a later date. haha :)

We had a SUPER long February too. ugh. That is so fun that you had family come to visit though. The babies are ADORABLE!

I love Jane's balloon creations too. How cool!

Debbie said...

I loved the pictures. I have had big computer issues and still aren't resolved, but so fun to see your family again. The picture of Tobe is fantastic! And how grown up the twins are. I want to see you when you come home.

Tara said...

Jane good hat and dog balloon. I really miss you. your my best friend. from Jacob