Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surviving January

Well I have to admit, I haven't felt like blogging lately. Mostly because we haven't done much. It's too cold here. We stay home as much as possible. Which leads me to the next reason--staying home makes me grumpy. I go stir crazy when I am stuck inside. So January in Indiana=Grumpy Mommy=Watch Out!!!
But to survive the awful, dreadful month of January we have done a few things.

Our home teachers gave us (pretend) Missionary Tags. The kids think they are so cool. We had to get a picture of our Missionary Family:)

Brett won a 2 night stay at the Hilton Hotel. We have been holding onto it for a while because we could never justify getting a sitter for us to go. Brett came up with a brilliant idea of taking the whole family and instead of 2 nights we'd get 2 rooms. So we took the kids 5 miles down the street to the Hilton Hotel. (We left the kids in their own room and ours didn't connect--needless to say we got an early morning phone call informing us that the kids were being too noisy--oops!!)

Tobe kept asking if he could bring his toys to show Haydee (his cousin) and he kept saying ,"Is this the hotel with the 6?" I wasn't sure why he was asking all that until I put it all together.
Tobe thought we were going to Utah. Vacation usually means Utah to him. And we usually stay at the Motel 6 when we travel back to Utah. Poor kid. I don't think he lacked in fun though. He'll have to wait a few more months for the Motel 6:)

When we got home our house was freezing (Brett likes to save where he can so for our one night away he turned off the heat:) So we all snuggled in our bed and the kids were out like a light. We had too much fun!!

Brett took Tobe to the Bull Riding competition Saturday night. The girls stayed back and had ice cream and movies.

Lastly we had an ice storm last night. Seriously everything is covered in ice. This snow on our back deck used to be just that...Snow!! Now it is a sheet of ice. Along with everything else.

School is closed for the day so we are having a jammie and movie day.

This last picture is for my sister--I changed my room around in my quest for a change of scenery. I gotta get out of the house. I'm going a little batty.....

Spring please come early this year!! Pretty please!!!


stalker sarah said...

I hear ya about going stir crazy! I'm the same way! Looks like you guys had fun, though! We are enjoying being lazy today! AND....we have the same pillow pets (dog and ladybug)! Fun! I never saw your living room before but I sure like the way it looks now! :)

Dawn said...

You are SOOO SKINNY!!! The missionary picture is darling of everyone but so great of YOU!!

You know me, I am a lover of angles... so I love the new change in the room.

I love pictures and reading your blog... keep posting!!

Indiana Smith Family said...

No heat?!?! that is just crazy!
I hope you guys are surviving the ice storm ok. Crazy weather! Oh well.

Debbie said...

I was hoping to see Aly in some of her beautiful clothes! You made January seem FUN!

Alyssa said...

I love the missionary picture, too. I love your outfit. Is that a sweater over a collared shirt? Love it. Good color for you, too.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

My kids LOVE hotels! Looks like you guys had so much fun. And I know what you mean about going batty. At least we had a couple nice days this past weekend - but now it's cold again and I want the nice weather even more!!!!

Cute pics!!!

jeanne said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great time at the hotel and what a great idea! Sounds like we are all looking forward to spring and losing the cold, snowy, icy weather. It has been quite the winter and we are just starting Feb! Wow! Could be a long few months! Love to know what is happening with the Indiana Hatches!

jeanne said...

Is it your turn for the Hatch blog? You probably don't want to do two blogs, but we would love to read them!

Liz said...

I love that you put the kids in the other room with no attatchment!! Oh man my kids would have started a fire! So funny