Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's The Little Moments That Make Life Big

My mom has a plaque in her house that says this. I wanted to steal this for my house but that wasn't for the taking:) However it is something I am trying to remember every day as I struggle to "Enjoy The Journey". Among the poopy pants and the constant messes of my 3 beautiful yet busy children; somewhere in the mix are happy and priceless moments that remind me why I love being a mom.

I love reading NieNie Dialogues and loved this post (all of her posts really). Aly wakes up like that everyday and I always say, "Wow!! You must have slept good:)" but I'd never blog about that. I blog about my "Crappy Days".

I loved this post called "Overachievers!!". Believe me that is not how I'd describe that. But I loved her take on it and it reminded me that LIFE IS TOO SHORT.

So here I go. My attempt to blog only about the good. There really is plenty of it.

I'll start with a cute conversation with Jane. I took her to Young Women's last night because she was the lucky one. On the way over we had this conversation.

** I must first explain that Jacob is a boy from church. He is also in Jane's kindergarten class. I am super excited about that. Their teacher informed Jacob's mom that Jane and Jacob hold hands all day long in class and are always playing together. When I asked her about Jacob she said, "He's my best boyfriend. Not like I love you boyfriend just my best boy-friend".

So here is our conversation:

J: Did you know that Jacob's last name is Griffiths??

A: Yes.

J: And he got a "boot" (giggling)

A: A what?

J: A "boot" (giggling)

A: What's a "boot" (giggling)

J: Well it's a book but he can't say his K's very good so it sounds like a "boot". I think it's cause he has a loose tooth. Mom when am I gonna lose my teeth??

Now if you know Jane you know that she is smart beyond her years and she acts much older than 5 so when we have innocent moments like these, it reminds me that she's still my little girl. Somedays I want to push pause and relish in the moment. Not often enough though.

Here goes (I'll save my venting moments for my sisters) my attempt to blog about the positive in my life.

That is the stuff I want to remember.....


Tara said...

LOL! We're working on those K's... And we both love Jane! And I think you've got a pretty good balance on your blog- life is equal parts sweet and "crappy" :)

Lee said...

Jane is fabulous! Love this story.

jenn said...

Jane is THE most beatiful girl in this whole world. She is so smart and so darling and I love her. I love that she is already holding hands with a boy. Don't tell her cousin Jessie, she will be jealous. Manda, you have a great perspective on life and I think you have a great balance. You can vent to us anytime, that is what sisters are for, but I think blogs are for that too. It just makes life real, I hate it when people only blog about their best moments, we have crappy days too and that is okay. When you can find the humor in "poopy pants", then you are doing just fine.
Love ya and miss ya and your all too cute kids.

Debbie said...

I rememmber when Kami's Avery said she wanted a "tootie". It took us a while to realize she wanted a cookie. Funny. Since then we all say tootie.
Also,I have a friend who was going through a hard time and I told her to read NieNie and she was totally inspired by her blog and is trying to look at her life differently. I wonder if NieNie ever knows what her blog does for people.

Dawn said...

I love the picture of Jane. 5 going on 20! Sometimes we all need to be reminded that it is the Little Moments that matter most. Crappy or Happy, little moments matter and your blog is a great place to jot them down.

Staci said...

I am always so inspired after reading Nie's blog. Life gets so busy and it does get so hard to focus on the positive things that are going on around. I always feel uplifted (and a little crappy) after reading her posts. Jane is so cute she sounds like she has a great personality!

Kami said...

I miss the t's for k's, that was one of my favorites. Little Jane is 5 going on 13 for sure. She's too funny.

ps. You should leave a comment on that post of Sara's.

I am always so inspired by nie.

Alyssa Hanzon said...

You are a good mom, Amanda. It is the little lessons in life that help us to see the big picture. Your time with Jane, and your tender, lighthearted conversations with her are priceless. And are just another way to make your familial bonds stronger. Thanks for the fun post. Oh, and I don't mind the "poopy" posts either. We all have those days.