Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My "Crappy" Day

I am only recording this so that one day when my children have children I will be able to say, "Oh yes, I had days like that:)"  And maybe you all can get a kick out of the day I had yesterday.  Last night I was NOT laughing but I have slept on it and now I am ready to put it behind me.

I began the morning at the gym--6am comes early but a good way to start the day.

Got home, the usual.  Fed the kids and decided to go have a bubble bath because I was freezing from the gym. (1st mistake; what am I thinking taking a bath with a 5, 3, and 1 year old to run wild)  I told the kids they could get in after me.

30 seconds of relaxation....ahhh.....pound! pound! pound!

Tobe yells "Me need to go potty!!"  I jump out of the bath, open the door, only to find that he had already pooped his pants:)

So here I am naked, dripping water all over the floor, as Tobe runs in with poop in his pants.  I make him take off his underwear and throw the turd in the toilet (bare hands and all:)  He goes out to get some wipes, comes back in the bathroom and slips on the wet floor smothering poo from his bum all over the floor.  He cleans it up.

By now I am done with my bath and the kids are getting in.  I finish getting them ready for the day, send them in Jane's room to play for a minute and I call Jenn to cry.  I miss my sisters so bad:(

While I am talking to Jenn, Jane undresses them all and gets them in dance clothes to have a "dance party".  Would be fine but we had errands to run as soon as I was off the phone.

I get off the phone, get them all dressed..AGAIN..and get them all in the car.  

We get to the end of my neighborhood and Tobe yells, "Me need to go potty:)"
(my thoughts:  I could continue to the mall and brave the tight bathroom w/ 3 kids or just turn around and go back home--which is what I chose)  

False Alarm--he didn't need to go after all:)   REALLY TOBE???

We get to the mall.  I take care of the things I needed to get done and agree to feed the kids at the mall and then let them play for a minute in the play place.

We get lunch, set it all up, everyone happy--Tobe yells, "Me need to go potty!!"
(my thoughts:  Can I leave Jane here to watch Aly??  Hmmm.........NO!!)
I tell Tobe he has to wait until we are all done eating.

We finish eating, some really nice lady offers to throw all my garbage away, and I maneuver my double wide stroller and all 3 kids into the family bathroom:)  

Everyone washes their hands and goes potty:)

We go to the play place.  3 minutes into it and Aly poops:)
(my thoughts:  Can I leave Jane and Tobe while I go out to the car and get the diapers and wipes and then change her diaper?   hmmm........NO!!   Aly will just have to sit in it for a while:)

Kids play.  Mom sits...ahhh!!  20 mintues into it and Tobe poops his pants...AGAIN!!:)

We gather everyone up, change pants in the car (luckily Aly had pooped so I could put Tobe's turd in her diaper) and head home.  I made Tobe ride home without any pants on and he fell asleep.

I leave Tobe in the car, put Aly in her crib, let Jane play on the computer while I finish up some horse show work.

30 minutes pass--Aly is still awake yelling from her crib, Tobe wakes up mad that he has no pants on, and Jane has pooped her pants while playing on the computer:)

I send her to "take care of it", get Tobe some pants, and get Aly out of her crib.  

I tell Jane to keep the kids occupied so I could finish the financial statement for the horse show (which is where I worked before coming out here to Indiana).  I finish and email it off.  

Now it is 4:45 pm.  Brett hasn't called me all day so I call him to tell him how my day went:)

I think he packed up and came home because he arrived shortly after the phone call.  He comes home and offers to take us to.......

McDonalds:)  Yipee!!  I don't have to cook dinner, the kids can play, and he will be there to help me.

He drops me off at YW at 7pm and goes home to put the kids to bed.  

The End!!!

Hope your day was better than my "crappy" day:)


Jenna said...

Sorry you had a crappy day...I can relate. So much for being the kind and patient mom I decided to be while I was away. That went out the window when I woke up to screaming kids at 6:30 am. Hope today is a better day for you. You deserve it!

Alyssa Hanzon said...

Oh Amanda....what to say??? That REALLY was a crappy day. Let see, though, what is the silver lining here??? were able to go to the gym, so that was at least a nice start.

Jane organizing a sibling dance party was quite a nice bonding exercise for the children.

All that dressing and undressing allows everyone to master the art of gettings oneself dressed for the day.

You were able to practice a lot of patience with all of the potty false alarms and potty explosions.

You did make it to the mall, and did not allow your burdens to keep you from tending to your errands (You could have stayed home and cried, but you didn't).

You were mastering multi-tasking skills while doing horseshow work and managing the children. And you finished the work and emailed it.

Your husband came home early.

You did not have to cook dinner.

You were able to end your day in a spiritual way at YW.

AND FINALLY, that day is OVER...and will never return. So, you conquered it and moved past it. Hope today is better. I will be thinking of you.

PS: I am sorry you miss your sisters. They miss you, too. That is a bright side to your upcoming visits home to UT. You will be able to see them soon. Think happy thoughts.AH

Erica said...

I am so sorry that you had such a poop filled day! At the end of the night I often wonder- and we wanted to do this mother thing? And I'm having another one?! I love how Jane decided to dress everyone in dance clothes- that just makes me laugh so hard!!

Dawn said...

Holy "CRAP" is about all I can say. There is always tomorrow.

We miss you more!!!

Hang in there.

Indiana Smith Family said...

Wow amanda, that sucks! I have days like that far to often. and the craziest part is that we wake up the next day and do it all again. what are we thinking.

Stacy said...

Seriously?!!? All 3 kids having accidents (well I guess Aly doesn't count since she's still in diapers and allowed to poop her pants)...I'm not looking forward to that...Sienna has pee-ed her pants for the past 3 days during her nap and then won't go back to sleep and is cranky the rest of the day, but that is nothing compared to your day yesterday.

President Monson say's we're supposed to find "Joy in the Journey" because we will miss these days all too soon...I find it hard to believe that I will miss cleaning up bodily functions...but apparently I will.

Shauna said...

Wow, what a day for you. Glad you can look back and laugh. Your blog address is very appropriate.

Clayton said...

and who says a stay at home mom is an EASY job????

Sara said...

Oh man, that is a lot of poop. Ugh!

I'm glad you survived. Sometimes it feels like there is no way that we possibly can.

Debbie said...

My oh my, Makes me glad to be an empty nester!! The picture of Tobe in a tutu and his star wars (?) briefs is framable!!
I am really glad you can look at the day in a different light. It is kind of funny!

P.S. No bones to pick...I am as surprised as you.

Staci said...

That is a day full of crap. I thought I only had days like that. I have been putting off potty training Chloe for that reason. It seems like everytime we go somewhere in public, that is when she decides she wants to use the bathroom. Sometimes diapers are so much easier but then it is gross to be changing diapers when their poo is like adult gross poo.

Jen said...

Man Amanda reading about your crappy day has almost made me happy I don't have children! Seriously why is it so hard for them to poop in the potty? Did it really take all of us this long to master this art when we were children??

I miss you! Hope you are doing well besides the poop!

Samantha said...

I have to admit that I did laugh because I am in the same phase of life that you are in. I just wish that I could sleep so I could handle my crappy days better. I hope tomorrow is a much better day.

Kami said...

This post is craptastic! ;) Alyssa sure saw the silver lining to it all, such an upbeat friend you have. I hope that you will never have a day like that again.

ps. One good thing: If someone clicked over wanted to hear all about little turds on, well today is their luck day!

The Brannon Family said...

WOW! What a day! Hope you don't have any more like that!

I totally understand the missing the sisters thing. Thank goodness for good phone plans or my phone bill would be outrageous!

Leslie said...

wow... i just can't believe it. :)
that is a crazy day. i know i will have some experiences like that with aaron jr... but hopefully not that many in one day.
glad you can laugh about it now.
good to hear from you.

Steve and Mona said...

Wow, Amanda I was rolling laughing at this cause I can relate in so many ways. Sadly, it does sound funnier afterwards than when you are going through it. I just love your Tobe he reminds me of one of mine. You are such a patient, great Mom I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing and I hope tomorrow is a better day, until the next time this all happens again.

Steve said...

Wow that is a lot of Crap:)

Tara said...

So after hearing this story yesterday, I looked at the title of your post and CRACKED UP.

I feel like I was reading about my own life- lots of "accidents" and missing sisters! You definately have to come over next time you have a day like that.

Lee said...

Seriously I am so sorry. That is a lot of crap to deal with. Call me anytime. Any day. I will be over to help or bring some ice cream.

The Gatherum Family said...

Thank you for the laugh. Although my dad isn't involving any literal crap, well except for Ryder's, it's been a CRAPPY couple of days, so I needed this post. It prob isn't funny to you...but, you know. Anyways, I am thinking of you today...hope you are okay.

The Gatherum Family said...

should be day,not dad :)

BradandMelanie said...

Whoa! That is pretty incredible - it's sounds like one of those days you should have just stayed in bed :) I guess if I did that every time I wouldn't be getting much done! Sometimes there are just far too many, but it sure makes the good days something to treasure.

Beth said...

If anyone ever deserved a bubble bath (and some hand sanitizer) it's you! I'm so sorry. Yuck. Poop and barf are the worst.

Kelli @ writing the waves said... either have to laugh or cry right??? Somedays I feel like if I have to wipe one more butt or change one more diaper...ahhhh! I'm impressed you managed to get the dance party pictures though!!! I love the bum shot of Tobe wearing the leotard. :)

John, Karalee and family said...

That is one for the books, girl. You will be glad you wrote it somewhere for future reference. :) Isn't it great that they do make up for those days...