Friday, August 22, 2008

My Little Janey Bug

For the last few weeks, okay years, well okay 3 years, my little Jane has been my challenge.  She is still not potty trained all the way.  She has a very hard time focusing, and she loves to play the  power struggle with me.  But she definitely has her sweet moments and tonight was one of those.  On the way home we were listening to music.  She loves the song "Closer to You" by the Wallflowers.  I was playing that for the 3rd time when:

Jane: "Can you pause the song mom?"

I paused it.

Jane: "I was just thinking of when I get married.  I really want my hair to be long and curly.  I also want pink lipstick and a white dress.  Oh and high heel shoes."

Me:   "What made you think of that?"

Jane: "I just love that song.  Oh and the prince?  I mean the boy that's in my brain.  He'll have brown and yellow hair.  I want him to have blue eyes like Tobe and Aly.  And I want him to wear a white shirt with a black bow and black jacket.
I hope I can find him. 
 You can play the song now mom."

Me: "We'll have to remember all that for when you are A LOT older:)"

Jane: "I just love thinking about married"

I hope all your dreams come true Jane, but for now, Tobe will have to do!!


The Gatherum Family said...

That is the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever heard! Those redeeming moments with difficult children are priceless huh? So cute. I hope you are okay. I am excited to see you Tuesday...

Dawn said...

Pee away Janey Bug!

Maybe Prince Charming is wetting his pants at this very moment too. Ha Ha!

She's too beautiful! She will have lots of "Princes" to choose from.

Debbie said...

The pictures of Tobe as Prince Charming always crack me up. At least in this one, he is cooperating. Too funny!

the clements family said...

How sweet! I love the picture!

Jenna said...

So cute and so hip to have such good taste in music at such a young age. It is amazing how those tiny moments can erase the day of challenges.

Kami said...

She is a hoot!

ps. when is Dawn going to get a blog? It is only a matter of time, huh.

Logan and Ashley said...

How cute! She is a crack up!!

Marti said...

That is so sweet! Haley always talks about getting married too. She is going to get married to "Defino". Not Stephano, but Defino. I have no idea where she got that! I love kids and what they say!

Kelli said...

That is too funny. Abby talks about marrying a prince too...good luck with that one. hahaha :P