Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm the Coolest Mom

We stopped and got an ice cream cone yesterday. The kids sure enjoyed it:)
It lead to cleaning their car seats and then the car. Quite the project for a little treat stop.
Well worth it though!!


Dawn said...

YOU'RE THE MOM!! Hee hee!

Live it up! Sometimes Ice Cream makes everything better!
That is why I have gained 7 pounds since July 27th. Ice Cream is the only thing that makes me feel better ;)

Staci said...

That is so funny, your kids look so happy! Sometimes it takes something pretty big for me to get motivated to clean my car.

Logan and Ashley said...

You are the coolest mom. I don't think I could ever let Reid make that big of a mess in the car!! I love their faces, too adorable!!

Kami said...

Too Funny!

ps. Glad you're back!
pps. Love the disney land count down!

Debbie said...

Are you crazy? You pull over to the side of the road and get out!! I am going to have nightmares about that!
But I have to admit Tobe did enjoy it, didn't he??

Dawn, Put your hands where we can see them, put the ice cream down and now move slowly out of the kitchen.

Shauna said...

Look at those happy ice creamy faces. It stresses me out a little though.

Liz said...

You truly are because I would freak out about the mess.

Kelli said...

hahaha! Looks like they were loving that. Cleaning car seats is such a pain! But I'm glad you liked the ice cream.

Leslie said...

all i can say is...
thank you.
you know what i am talking about so i don't have to go into detail.
so, thank you thank you thank you.
i love it and i am so grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness you put into what you did.
thank you.
with love...
leslie *