Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Vacation is Over

The whole Hatch Family

The "Turkey Trot" on Thanksgiving morning. We had to feel better about pigging out later.

Jane's best friend Rachael. She moved to Colorado in June and Jane still misses her so we had to squeeze in a visit. They loved seeing each other again.

The Wheeler Farm

They wouldn't let us take our own pictures on Santa's lap but we had to document it somehow. This picture was taken after the dreaded visit to Santa Claus.

We had a fun filled weekend in Colorado and then brought back a few stragglers to Utah for a few days. We kicked off Thanksgiving with the "Turkey Trot" which will hopefully be a annual event for us all. Erica, we must run it next year!!
Friday we got up with all the crazies and went shopping. I got most of my Christmas shopping done. Erica and Ashley picked out a cute outfit for me and my dear mother-in-law bought it for me for Christmas. Saturday was filled with Christmas crafts, lunch for Logan (Happy Birthday Logan!) and ended with a visit to Jane's best friend. Sunday we were off to Utah with Brett's brother and his family to stay with us for a couple days. We went to Cabella's, the mall, BYU campus (we are all alumni), and Wheeler Farm. It was a fun week but always good to get back to routine (which includes's good to be back!)


Logan and Ashley said...

I have been dying for an entry!! I looked every day. You know you don't have to take off time becauase you have visitors!! I had so much fun while you were here. I too wish you lived closer, although that may have its own set of problems... anyway, I am so glad you stayed later and hung out with us cray Hatch's!! We love you guys!!

estanworth said...

We have been missing you!! I had the best time hanging out with you. We WILL run next year, and that is a promise!