Saturday, July 28, 2012

Utah 2012-Week 4-5

Week 4 was spent with my Dad and his wife Roe.  The kids always request a stay in the trailer.  This year we went to Jordanelle.  Ashley came and stayed too.  It was fun!!

Here we are fishing in Midway.  They kids were among about 10 other families and they are the only ones catching anything.  We caught 5 good size fish in a matter of minutes.

Jenn is so nice to let Aly paint her nails however she would like.  It usually stays on for months after since there are so many layers of polish.  What a good Aunt Jenn!!

Here we are making Mom's freezer jam.  It took us 5 hours but we made SO MUCH JAM!!!  It lasts me the whole year so it's worth it:)

In the missile of week 5 Brett flew into St George and we had a little family trip-just the 5 of us.  Again, it was super hot but it was fun.

We always have to hike Dixie Rock and we even took a trip in Fat Man's Crack.  Well Brett and the kids did-I'm too fat:)

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