Saturday, July 28, 2012

Utah 2012-Week 1

We made the annual trek to Utah this year.  This is the first time I drove all by myself.  It wasn't too bad since the kids are getting a little older.  We drove 15 hours the first day to Ogallala, NE and then drove 10 hours to Utah.  
The kids loved helping me wash the windows at every gas stop.  It allowed them to stretch their legs without having to stop for long.  My car just needed a good wash once we got to Utah:)

Dawn had gifts and treasures waiting for us when we arrived.  She had bought the girls fake eye lashes.  Aly has always wanted fake eye lashes and Dawn didn't disappoint.

She also spoiled us with pedicures for all the girls and ladies!!

  Here we are at the cemetery visiting Mom.  We always take a picnic and enjoy talking and laughing about mom.  It is something I very much look forward to.  

We visit Uncle Joshie and Aunt Megan's house while we were there.  Josh made this Super Hero City with his twin boys and it was pretty amazing.  Those boys are very lucky to have Joshie as a dad.  He's very good with them.

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