Monday, October 24, 2011

Entertainment on a Budget

Brett and I have been trying to follow a strict budget for the last little while. With Christmas coming up and our anticipated trip to DisneyWorld, we've had to tighten the belt a bit. So we've had to get creative to be able to keep the kids entertained and prevent ourselves from going a little stir crazy.

I had a groupon that I had bought a while back for 2 hours of bowling at PinHeads. We invited our friend Morgen and took the family bowling. It was super fun-but I must admit, the kids did not last the full 2 hours. They got bored.

I had a coupon for free underwear at Victoria's Secret. Aly LOVES the "underwear store" because of all the make-up samples. I hate to say it but we frequent VS because it is a cheap outing for my little sparkle princess and me:)

The Children's Museum has a Haunted House every year for Halloween. In support of my budget, Lyndee went to the Library and cleaned them out of their FREE tickets so we could all go. The kids dressed up and we had a blast. Brett even joined us on this event.

We've tried to take advantage of all the nice days to go to parks and walks with Theo. We've also enjoyed the cold rainy days by snuggling up in blankets watching movies and making treats:)
Tis the season!!!


Ashley said...

First of all, who did you get the underwear for? he he! Second, I love that Tobe still won't dress up! A colt's fan is good enough! (Although they have had a rough season so far.) You are creative! Way to go!

amanda said...

Hey I am your little sparkle princess,NOT ALY. And you never took me to the underwear store. I want free samples. WA, WA. Jane. Love you. Wink.

stalker sarah said...

How fun! Love all the pictures! Your kiddos are so cute! :)

Dawn said...

Looks like fun!! Love Aly and the underwear store- she's so funny!!
Less them a month until I get to come hang out with you all- I CAN'T WAIT!!!