Monday, September 26, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I've been a blogging slacker lately. I try to get by on a few posts a month to keep my family updated but I need to be better at documenting our life. I don't keep a journal (maybe someday) and I terribly wish my mom did--so--here is my attempt (for now) to update on the happenings of the kiddos. They are growing up way too fast.

Jane attended a birthday party for her best friend Haley. They got make overs and were treated like "stars". She came home with a fabulous up-do and green sparkly eye shadow. Lately she and Aly have been looking up make-up tutorials on YouTube and then recreating them with the iPad. I need to figure out how to edit the 21 minute video so I can post it. It is darling. These girls are so creative and so passionate about fashion:)

Jane is doing really well in school. She comes home with 100% on all of her spelling tests and is even given the "harder words" test to challenge her. She needs the challenge. She's super smart.
She's been talking about becoming a dentist lately because she wants to be rich, but then watched the Firehouse Dog movie and now she wants to be a firefighter and marry a dentist. She's a smart one!!!! Too funny!!!

Here is Tobe and Aly at Tobe's genetic doctor follow up. They are watching a movie on the iPad. (Have I mentioned how much I love my iPad??). Tobe's doctor has now officially diagnosed him with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder) which is on the Autistic spectrum, however, it is very high functioning. He also takes his Carnitine supplement every day. We are all hoping to see some improvements in this school year. I feel like we are on a good path for success.
He is doing pretty well in school. He is picking up on a lot more concepts and is a lot more aware of his surroundings. The other day he kept saying he wanted to be "exit" from school. After ignoring him for some time I finally asked what he meant. He said when his friends from school are not there the teacher marks them "exit". You mean absent?? Yep!!
He still hates wearing buttons, jeans, plain t-shirts without logos, and church shirts without sweater vests. I have been to the GoodWill a couple of times just to keep up with his obsessions--but we are working through it:) He is still such a joy to be around (when we're not doing homework:)

Dad had to get in on it too:)

Aly!! What can I say about Aly?? She is a 16 year old trapped in a 4 year old's body. She has so much personality that I can't quite keep up with her. I am so enjoying spending my days with her and soaking it all in. She makes dance parties for me (in which I have to wear make-up and a dress of her choice:), she asks "Why" after EVERYTHING!!! and I mean it when I say everything!!! I am teaching her the ABC's and so she is constantly looking for them on billboards, street signs, etc. She is super smart and likes to learn.
The other day we were making the kids pick up weeds and put them in the garbage. She was so not happy about that. She kept whinging and complaining and finally said, "This is SOOOO embarrassing. Our friends are going to laugh at us if they drive by."
She finally opted to sit in time out instead of getting her hands dirty. She is too funny!!

We took the kids to a park that was built as a kid size community. It had a bank, pharmacy, general store, jail, and pet shop. It was so cute and the kids enjoyed playing like they lived there. We've been waiting to go back but the rain, rain , rain has prevented us. Hopefully soon!!

Aly and I went to an archeology center for a field trip the other day. Here she is holding a snapping turtle's shell. She wouldn't go near the real turtle though. Yuck!!

Here's my diva digging for bones or any kind of remnant of former life:)

Brett wanted me to make his coworker a quilt. He promised to help--and here is evidence that he did. I won't show pictures of the squares he messed up on the sewing machine:)

Here is Aly last year at Tuttles Apple Orchard....

...and here she is this year. She's grown a bit. She's definitely thinning out. I realized the other day that I no longer shop in the baby/toddler section of Target for their clothes, and I no longer qualify for the Toddler Parking at Marsh. :( My kids are growing up :(

Back to the Apple Orchard. Aly and I got to take another field trip with friends from church. We had a fun time.

I've taken up running again with some friends from church. I go at 5:30 am but it's nice to get it out of the way. Last weekend we did 11.19 miles. I am glad to be back into running. I've also taken up Zumba. I am really liking that and it's a nice mix-up with the running. Now if I could just stop eating I'd be in great shape:)
Indiana is getting the "I Am A Mormon" campaign. We will have LDS commercials, billboards, and other advertising outlets so people will learn more about the church here in the area. We are so excited!! As we anticipate a temple here in the near future--many questions are starting to arise. We can now create a "profile" on and share our beliefs with others. You should all go on there and check it out. It is fabulous!! I am so blessed to be a part of this here in Indiana. It's exciting!!

Well that is all for now. We are busy but happy!! Life is good.


Debbie said...

What a fun and busy fall! The kids are growing!

stalker sarah said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Loved all the photos! Sounds like things are going really well! Loved seeing you at the baby shower the other night!

Dawn said...

Yeah!!!! Pictures!! I loved reading this. I am not great at journals either but because you made me blog, I feel like I have a better record of events (big or small) happening in my life. So even though it's hard to find time to blog, I'm glad I do it. I'm glad you blog too. I have OFTEN gone back to read your blog to remind me of our life with mom. I love to reread about the small miracles that we experienced. So is short- Blog!!
Your kids are so funny! Aly entertains me!! All your kids are super smart in their own way. Love the pic of Aly in your glasses!!
I am excited to come see you in November!! Lots to look forward to. Glad you're happy!! You look GREAT!!

Erica said...

I loved the update!! Denver too is involved in the "I Am Mormon" campaign. I've done my profile and I am so excited to see what will come of it. I'm so glad you are running again- it has always made you so happy. Take care of you!!!

Indiana Smith Family said...

Jane is beautiful. I love the picture of the kids watching the ipad at the dr.'s.I LOVE the ipad too! Aly is getting so big. And yay that Tobe is doing well. and I am jealous that you ran so far without me. RUDE!! Miss you!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

We're getting a temple in Philadelphia too. We watched the ground breaking at our teeny tiny church building a couple of weeks ago. It was really neat. The campaign will probably be headed this way soon as well.

Love all of the pics. Looks like you guys have been having tons of fun. Sounds like Jane is loving school. Abby is enjoying 2nd grade too. :) Glad to hear that Tobe is doing well and that you guys are getting the info that you need. Noah is going to have to be "exit" tomorrow, I think. Poor kid is running a fever. And that Aly - she is a crack up! I'm sure she keeps you entertained! :) If you ever get a chance, I'd love to hear from you - my number is the same. Miss ya!

p.s. That's awesome that you are running again! You go, girl!

amanda said...

Hey mom,
It's been a long time that i have commented you. Is that a word (commented?) Any way so hey. Can we go to the apple orchard and community park as a family again?


jeanne said...

Great update and love all the pictures of the kiddos! Sounds like you are into the fall season. Yes, they do grow up fast. Thank you so much for filling us in on all your happenings. Tobe will be ok because he has a great family who loves him and will do everything they can for him. It's nice to be able to put a name to it, though. Looking forward to seeing all of you next month! Way to go, Amanda, back into your running, not sure about the time, though. Zumba, what is that? We love you!

Jessica said...

Jane is a beauty!!!!