Sunday, July 31, 2011

Utah 2011--Week 1

The first day we were there we had a Welcome Party. Dawn had her fun games planned and the whole family was there.

Here is Tobe in the big foot relay.
The kids after the relay races.

The next day we had a Picnic with Mom
I love getting together at the cemetery. One of my favorite things to do.

Then we got Pedicures

and Manicures

Wednesday we had a luncheon with our good long time friends the Tylers. My mom and Debbie Tyler were best friends for many many years. We grew up with their family and still keep in touch. Again, this is a tradition when I am in town. I love being with them. It reminds me of the good ol days.
Kami Tyler Bigler

We've multiplied:)

Tobe loves "Grandma Debbie"

Here is Haydee and Tobe reading books. I had great intentions of doing this every day. It didn't happen. We were having too much fun.

The South Town Mall. The kids love to ride the merry-go-round and eat the free chicken at the mall. Josh and Megan are nice enough to join us:)

My sister Ashley ran in the Ragnar Race. She came through Henefer Utah at about 1:30 am. Jane and I stayed up to cheer her on. We made some great memories and Ash was happy to see us:)

This ends week one!!


kami @ said...

I'm so glad we got to see you all when you were here. It was fun to catch up and see your kids.

I'm so glad you love your summer tradition of making the big trip to Utah, because it's fun to see you!

Dawn said...

I am glad you went to see Ash. I kick myself for not joining you. Mommy/Daughter time is always fun, even if it is at 1 am....???.....
We should have done more reading and writing with the boys... I forgot. :(