Sunday, July 31, 2011

Colorado 2011!!

Brett and I got home on Sunday at 1:30 am. I taught Relief Society, packed, slept and headed out Monday morning, June 6th for Colorado.

We made it all the way, 18 hours to be exact, in ONE day. Way to go Us!! Grandma Jeanne helped with the kids and helped me stay awake.

The next day the kids were wiped out.

This trip we stayed with Ashley and Logan. Here is our warm welcome. Ashley is so good to us.

The girls had fun loving on Baby Tatum and Tobe had fun playing with Reid

We went to a bounce house with our other cousins Spencer, Jamison, and Everett.

Then we had a BBQ and roasted marshmallows.

Ashley treated the girls to pedicures. It was their first time ever getting their nails painted professionally. They LOVED it.

Thanks Ash for having us and making our stay so fun!!!!

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