Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Exciting News...and such!!

Well before I begin, I just have to say how excited the Indiana members of the church are to be getting a temple here in Indiana!!!! Over the weekend we had our General Conference for our church, which is where we get to watch church (8 hours of it to be exact) in our jammies and hear our prophet, Thomas S. Monson speak the words of our Heavenly Father.

Back to the temple. The nearest temple is in Louisville Kentucky. It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get there and while I know there are some who travel even longer, being from Utah (where there are 15 temples alone), it seems like a trek. It will be so nice to have one close.

This weekend we also got to attend the baptism of a convert to the church. His name is Paul Hodge and he became interested in the church when the missionaries knocked on his door. He's been learning, reading, and praying ever since and after many long months, finally entered the waters of baptism. The missionaries cried and embraced as did many of us ward members. It was cool!!!

Before conference on Sunday we went on a little nature walk with the kids. (boy do I miss the mountains) The kids collected all sorts of stuff and we came home and made crafts with our loot.

We gathered these sticks and made this spooky Halloween tree.

Yesterday was Tobe's last day of soccer. He really enjoyed the idea of soccer. He never argued to go to soccer. He loved his soccer coach and his soccer coach loved him. But he never did get into the game. You could usually find him staring at the ceiling, waddling around, and moving his arms as if he were running. It was fun to watch and I think it was good for him. We plan to sign him up again in January.

Coach Stuart

Today I had sewing group and these are my new additions to my Halloween decorations:)

table runner
So there a little of what we've been up to lately. We are excited to take a break from extra curricular activities for a while. Jane's almost finished with soccer. We are going to continue piano and come January we'll get back into the madness. But for now, we will be a lot less busy which will be nice.


Indiana Smith Family said...

I love the banner. Was it hard, or time consuming?

Debbie said...

I can't believe how much Jane looks like you in the picture of her saying "OHHHH". Did you walk around saying OHHHH a lot?? J/K

amanda said...

mom! it wont be nice for me. rember school. but i like the decorachonse, tere cut and and spooky, and and scery!love jane.

Lyndee said...

I love the banner! and the table runner!! You are amazing. It all turned out darling. Thanks for letting me just chill today.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

That's neat about the temple going up there! Congrats! We're so spoiled here.

I love the spooky tree! But I love Jane's face more!

The Miranda's said...

Your banner is soooo cute! I love it!

jenn said...

Thanks for the hit!! I look for a new blog everyday. I need to see pictures of my "babies" who really aren't babies anymore. They are growing up too fast. Like I said, so talented and crafty, I wish I got a little of that.

Dawn said...

Baptisms always make me cry. I love seeing the excitement and PURE JOY that is felt when one embraces the gospel. Congratulations to Paul!!

I am with Tobe - soccer gives me a side ache. I would rather look at the ceiling or waddle around and I have been known to swing my arms really big in an effort to LOOK like I am running too. He is such a riot!!

Love the decorations and the house. It looks great!!

I have thought of your friend/neighbor all day. My heart breaks for those enduring such a hard thing. :(

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

How exciting to be getting a new temple! And I love all the crafts and Halloween decorations. Looking very festive! Over here? Not so much yet. But we did at least get pumpkins on Saturday. :)

amy said...

I love your decorations! So cute! Did you have a pattern for your banner or did you just make it up? I would love to make one. So exciting about the temple, I thought of you when they announced it.