Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Last night for Family Night we carved pumpkins!! This is not my favorite thing to do and definitely NOT Brett's favorite thing to do, but with kids it's a necessary evil. We endured the muck and guck and got 'er done:)
The kids had a good time and that's all that matters.
Jane doesn't like getting the guts out.
Tobe is happy to sit back and let someone else do the dirty work.
Aly on the other hand, LOVED getting her hands in the pumpkin. She loved the slime and the guts.

What Jane's was meant to look like.

And there you have it; the finished product.
Check--now we are off the hook until next year.
Happy Carving!!


Dawn said...

We carved ours last night too. First year without tears!!
I love Aly in the pumpkin guts... I am with your other kids - gross!!

They all turned out cute!!

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

so fun! We usually do it at Kyle's parents, but this year the mess will be at our house. Ugh! :)

Indiana Smith Family said...

I hate the gunk too. Ewww! But I love carving pumpkins with the fam. Always a fun memory. Aly is awesome...good for her pulling out the pumpkin guts.

jenn said...

Not my favorite Halloween activity. My kids get the pumpkins that you can just plug in. Thanks for the pics. Love to see those kiddos.

Liz said...

In that last picture Jane looked like a little you, so pretty

Logan and Ashley said...

Love that Aly loves the "guts"! It is by far the worst part of carving pumpkins! Their jack-o-lanterns turned out adorable. Good job guys!

Kelsey said...

Who does like the guts (aside from Aly, of course)? Such cute pics!

jeanne said...

Never was my favorite thing to do either. Fortunately those days are done, but in another sense, I do miss the fun of all the festivities. Good job! Love the pictures. Cute kids!