Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brown County

Brett took the day off today so we spent the day at Brown County State Park. It is probably the closest thing to being in the mountains. It is beautiful, especially in the fall (although I think we were about one week too late). We packed snacks and grocery bags ("to collect nature":), the camera, the kids, and we were off.

Get ready for picture overload:

Aly wasn't so happy about being up on the log. It was pretty high and it scared her.
Our attempt to take more pictures of us:)

There were many "beautiful vistas" and Brett wanted to get a picture of one. No one like just scenic pictures so I took one for the team:)

We climbed up this fire tower. It was extremely high. The kids thought it was so cool. I was a little sick to my stomach when I looked down. All part of the adventure.
There were little play areas all throughout the park; probably the kid's favorite part.
Have I ever mentioned that Tobe is not the most daring or adventurous of my children? He gets that from me. Poor guy!!

We stopped at a run down mexican restaurant and it was my idea to give it a try. It was yucky, so Brett made me get my picture in front of it.
On the way home we took the long route and saw a few other sites along the way. This is the World's Largest Rocking Chair. How cool!!!

This is the Grave in the Middle of the Street. Crazy!!

To avoid rush hour (all of those who really know me will laugh) Brett took all the back roads to get us home. He's such a good sport. So it took us forever!! It was a long day and our car DVD player stopped working so we were back to the old school, "I Spy", "ABC Game", etc. but it was such a good day.
Just what this family needed--a little time TOGETHER!!!!


jenn said...

Love the picture overload!!!! Your family is soooo darling and you and Brett are awesome parents. Once again, you are a fun mom.

Jen said...

How fun is that and you are looking so very skinney Miss Amanda. Must be all that running cause you are looking HOT! Miss you!!

Dawn said...

What a fun day!!
I LOVE the picture of you and your kids - you need to frame it!

Tobe cracks me up. Before I read the caption under the picture of him on the "zip" slide thing... I wondered if he was smiling or crying. Too fun!!

Your girls are beautiful!!! Great pictures!

Looks like a fun day!!

Alyssa said...

I am envious of your family outing. It looked like pure heaven. All of the pictures look great. You are so beautiful and photogenic! Thanks for the post.

kami @ said...

so many great pictures! You do look great, Amanda!

I love fall, it's so pretty.

jeanne said...

Amanda, What a treat to see the fun day you had. These pictures are so precious of those beautiful grandchildren! We miss you so much. Way to go with the 1/2 marathon! You are such a busy and wonderful mom. Thanks for sharing!

stalker sarah said...

Love the photos! You have a beautiful family! I want to go to Brown county. I will get there one of these days! :)

Liz said...

AManda you look so beautiful in all your pictures. It looks so beautiful there. I would miss the mountain also.

amanda said...

mom the zip code was my favorit. i thot that sine was coocey to dad. it was the grave IN THE MIDDL OF THE RODE.THE WORLD BIGEST ROCKING CHAIR WAS COOL. but NOT the fire towr. mom i was scard too. aly lost her pig nose. tobe was the lucky duck to be by the tunil. tobe was the only one to go. it is funny to look at tobe on the zip code. he did not like it i gess. but tobe like's the yellow steering weel. throing leave's was fun. the pic of aly, tobe, and me in the leave's was
cute. mom ogl lake was fun. dont forget the vew is cool. aly is looking at ogl lake. and tobe just holding his bag is funny.that log was prity hie. dad can hold on to it. i wood not blame aly. aly is in a tree trunk. tobe is by a tree that got bit by a bever. and just me by shelter. but i was first. and what it was old.

Lyndee said...

The pictures are so cute love them! We will have to try this place.

Kelsey said...

Such cute pictures! Did you get any full family shots? You all look so great in your fall clothes. I hope your legs are recovering from climbing all those stairs!

Sara said...

Isn't it beautiful? We love skipping over to Brown County these days.

I'm glad you had fun. Your family is as darling as ever!

Staci said...

You have such a cute family!

Jenna said...

Such cute kids and you look BEAUTIFUL. You skinny little thing! I miss you!!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

The world's biggest rocking chair - how fun! Pat and I were watching that show "The Middle" last night and they were talking about Brown County and I told him, "Amanda just went there with her kids!" haha :) Cute pictures!