Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally--A New Post!!! Sept. 2010

Yes, we are alive. Yes, we are busy. Other than the usual (young kids, school, tedious homework, soccer, piano, practicing, Young Women's, HP meetings, Brett working oodles of extra hours) we have been busy with some FUN things:)

Tobe's Room
We redid Tobe's room over the Labor Day weekend. It's been on our "to do" list for a while now so on a whim, with little planning, we went for it. All 4 walls used to be a very light baby/sky blue.

So we painted most of the walls a dark tan,

we added a chalk board (with chalkboard paint) to one wall,

and did a wainscot on the main wall of the room.

And here it is:

Tobe loves the shelf to put all of his cars.

I have put the kids in another playgroup this year. This time with boys and girls and with Aly:) The first day was eerie. I didn't like how quiet it was in my house with all 3 kids gone. It's a weird feeling. I didn't know how to best use my time so I took a big fat nap:) It is definitely something I will get used to.

Last Thursday it was at my house. I noticed that the boys did their own thing:

and the girls did theirs:

So silly!!!

Apple Orchard
We went to Tuttle's Apple Orchard with a bunch of little preschoolers from the ward. I only had Aly with me so get ready for a bunch of pictures of---ALY!!!

Aly loves getting mom all to herself. Poor Jane doesn't remember having mom all to herself. Tobe really could care less; he's a boy!!

We also had my friend Kelli visit from Alabama and I've been up to a few sewing projects with my sewing friends (pictures to come).

That's all for now. We are trying to enjoy this beautiful fall weather, so we are outside a lot. I usually love this time of year (Halloween is my favorite holiday) but I'm just not ready to say good-bye to summer. Maybe it's because the winters here are so dreadful. So I will enjoy the sunshine as long as I can.


Staci said...

Tobe's room looks so cute, you guys did a great job. Cute pic of you too!

Dawn said...

You and Brett are so smart!! I love Toby's room!! Darling!!

Indiana Smith Family said...

Tobe's room looks great!
The field trip looked like a fun time. Cute picture of Aly and the apple trees. Sad we missed it.

Debbie said...

Yum! Those apples on the tree. A few years ago we drove through Washington State in the fall and you could smell the apples from the freeway. I also love Fall.

jenn said...

You do fun things. I don't remember ever going to an apple orchard here in fall festive. Do we even have apple orchards that you can go to in Utah? My kids were so deprived. I was not a fun mom...too busy working all the time I guess. No play groups, no apple orchards. You are lucky!!! Don't forget it.

Logan and Ashley said...

Tobe's room is awesome! I love it!
Love the wigs that the girls had on...
Aly looks like she sure loved spending the day with you. Her face was lit up in every picture.
You look amazing! Just glowing! :)

amanda said...

so fun. love jane.

kami @ said...

Yay a post! I love Tobe's new room! I love the chalkboard ball! I bet he'll have fun with that!

I really want to get out and pick some apples now.

Erica said...

Tobe's room is very neat. I would LOVE to re-do my boys rooms. Maybe someday...

The apple farm looked really fun. I have never done something like that before, but I think I would love to.

Lyndee said...

I love Tobe's room. I love HAlloween too:) We will stay busy this winter. It will be fun,fun. and before you know it it will be spring again.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

So fun that I got to see Tobe's newly decorated room in PERSON!!! It was so awesome to see you and your cute kiddos and your cute house. :) The visit was too short though. We need more time to catch up and do some fun stuff with the kids. Let me know about fall break!

Kelsey said...

I finally found your blog! LOVE the girls in the playgroup picture. And I always wanted a chalkboard wall in my room when I was little! That little ledge is just perfect for all the random things kids collect and don't know where to put.