Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yipee and...Oh Dear!!

Jane has been trying to learn to ride her "BIG" bike for about 3 weeks. She was really scared because it is a little too tall for her. Against Daddy's wishes, I removed the training wheels off of her little princess bike and let her practice on that. I felt that if she gained confidence in balancing on the small bike (knowing she could put her feet down if she needed to) then she'd graduate to the big bike in no time---mothers know best!!!

She's doing great. She still gets a little nervous to start and stop because she has to lean the bike. It scares her to do that and it usually leads to a "this dumb bike keeps doing dumb things" moment--but she overcomes and tries again:) Patience!!!

Because Jane has learned to ride her new bike, we've handed down her old bike to....Aly? Nope Tobe:

He wanted to graduate from his big wheel and learn to pedal a normal bike. He doesn't care that princesses are pasted all over it. In fact he's just so proud of himself that the entire way around our culdesac he is saying, "I'm such a big boy! This princess bike is so awesome! I love this princess bike! Thank you princesses for letting me ride you! You're the best! I'm so big! Thanks Jane for letting me ride your princess bike................................." He talks constantly, especially when he is excited.

Look at that proud face:)

Because he was so excited, he woke up at 6am yesterday morning for day 2 of riding the princess bike, which led to a much needed afternoon nap:

Now on to Aly. She loves to go out in our backyard all by herself and play on our playset. (This is a first for me cause my other 2 need me out there with them:{ so it's nice to just send her out there to play. Yesterday I peeked on her only to find this:

Her clothes got a little wet and she DOES NOT like wet clothes.
Who's kid is that anyway??
Oh wait--it's mine:)

We are enjoying a WARM Spring Break!!!


amanda said...

aly is silly.and gros.wet clos whats the mater with that mom.and i cant bilev tobe showt owt lowd.

Staci said...

Kids are so funny! I am so jelous of the nice weather you are having!

Dawn said...

I love your kids!!
It looks like summer time out there - naked girls, bike riding, and sunburn cheeks on sleeping Tobey. So fun!!

Erica said...

I wish so bad that Spencer would get some darn guts and start riding a bike. He is a BIG wuss!! Love the little naked one- too funny. Go Tobe- keep it up and he'll be riding without training wheels next summer. :)

jenn said...

I love it...I am laughing my head off. So cute!

Debbie said...

Guess where we are? In your happy place. We are in St. George for a convention and it is beautiful here! SLC is so cold and snowy. Alta got 85 inches in 2 days. IS that crazy?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Did Jane write that first comment? So funny! Those pics of Aly are hilarious.

I think Tobe and Noah have the same bedding - and he rides Abby's bike too. It's purple and sparkly. :)

Good for Jane learning to ride that bike! We need to get Abby a new bike. Her b'day is coming up. She asked for that and a Baby Alive.

So good to talk to you today! I wish you guys would have come here for spring break! What about Memorial Day weekend? Or that first week that school is out? Maybe we could go to the Nashville Zoo or something. ????

Sara said...

Oh that made me laugh out loud! That little Ali is way too cute.

Dawn said...

this is Mackay. I think Tobe is funny on the princess bike. Tell Jane good job on riding her big bike with no training wheels. Aly is funny too.

amanda said...

ha mom.i love you.thank you for taking my picsher of riding my big bike.

Liz said...

Lexi just learned how to ride her bike this year also!! Those pictures of Ally are fabulous.

Lee said...

So fun!! I love when the kids learn new things!!!