Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 and it's GREAT!!!!

Today I have been married for 8 whole years. Wow!! Somedays I feel like I have known him forever and others I feel like a newlywed. I speak so much of my kids on here that I'd like to take a post to tell you a little about my other half.
He isn't perfect but he is perfect for me.

8 Greats
1-He is my best friend. He makes me laugh, he listens when I need to vent, he doesn't judge me. Sometimes when he wants to tell me about a cool football play or when he makes a crude comment I tell him he needs a best friend and he always replies, "You're my best friend".

2-He is very neat and tidy. Really he is. I feel very lucky. He doesn't just pick up after himself, he helps me pick up after the kids too. And he helps me with dishes.

3-He has a very strong testimony and he is very obedient. He makes me strive to be better.

4-He loves being home. He comes home almost every day for lunch and he comes home every night by 6:00 (I'm sure he could stay at the office longer and get more done but he comes home to me and I love that)

5-He keeps everything in perspective. He truly believes that he has never had trials in his life. He was asked to give a talk on overcoming trials and he had a very difficult time coming up with any personal experiences. I tell him he is made of rubber (like on Dumbo; "elephants ain't got no feelings they're made of rubba".)

6-He is smart. He knows a lot about a lot of things. He loves to learn, he likes to read, he always has the answer and if he doesn't have the answer, he'll find it.

7-He is easy to talk to and very friendly. I get nervous going to parties or even throwing parties myself. I like to stand behind him and let him do all the socializing. I am uncomfortable in a crowd and he is (or at least seems) very comfortable.

8- He loves me and he loves our children. He supports me in all I do. He humors me when I get carried away, he loves me when I fail, he wants me to be happy. He wants the same for our kids. You can tell when he walks through the door at night that he must be doing something right because we all jump for joy:)

There isn't any one I'd rather be on this crazy and wild ride with than him.


Lee said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on 8 years!!!

Debbie said...

That last picture is absolutely beautiful! I keep staring at it.
Congratulations to you both!

Erica said...

That was so awesome to read. I mean we all know he is a pretty great guy- but it touched me to read your sweet words. Love you guys and I am grateful you are in our family!!!

Staci said...

Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a perfect fit for you!

Kami said...

8 is GREAT! Happy Anniversary to you two!

ps. I love the neckline of your dress. so pretty!

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Whose year is it?? What are the plans???

Have a great day!

Alyssa said...

Did you know... The Eighth Wedding Anniversary is supposed to be the "Bronze/ Pottery" year if you exchange 'old tradition' gifts. If you exchange more modern gifts it is considered to be the year of "Appliances, Linens, Lace, Tourmaline Jewelry". Whoah.....hope you are just going to have a fun night out together instead! Congrats and wishing you both more wonderful marriage success and happiness! Have a great day.

jenn said...

Congratulations, what are the big plans this year?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Awww...very sweet! Is that a fountain in the back of that last pic? Very cool! :)