Friday, November 13, 2009

She's 6!!!

Jane has been wanting to go to Build-A-Bear for her birthday for like forever--but as it got closer she was struggling with: (1) go to Build-A-Bear and invite 2 friends or (2) have a "homemade" party and invite as many as she wants.

Jane: "Maybe next year I'll have a homemade party. Wait, are we going to be here next year?"

Mom: "I"m not sure. What do you mean?"

Jane: "I think I've had my birthday at a different place each year."

That is so sad when your 6 year old knows how much we've moved. But sure enough she has had her birthday at 6 different places.

Here they are in pictures:


When she turned 1 we were living at Apple Honey Apartments in Midvale.

I threw this picture in because my mom is in it and we celebrated Jane's birthday there at her house with my BIG family (I miss them)

Smashing the 1 year old cake


When Jane turned 2 we were living in my sister, Dawn's basement. Her son Mackay and Jane's birthday are a day apart so they have had to celebrate them together for the last 5 years (along with Uncle Joshie)

Dawn hired a clown to come for their birthdays. Again, the whole family was there.


When Jane turned 3 we were living in CreekView Apartments in Midvale. We celebrated her family party at my mom's house.

Jane had a few friends she had met so we had a little Princess Party in our apartment.

Cousins came to help.

We made princess crowns and painted our fingernails.

JANE'S 4!!

When Jane turned 4 we had finally bought our house in Lehi, UT.

Here we are again at my mom's house for Jane's family party. I love to see my mom in the background.

Because we were in a new place with new friends, we recycled the princess party and used it again. Luckily she still fit into her Jasmine costume.


When Jane turned 5 we were in transition. Brett had already moved to Indiana and the rest of us were living with my dad. Our house sold fast so we spent 2 months in Draper until Brett moved us out here with him.

Jane invited her best friend Emma to Disney On Ice for her birthday.

She wanted to go to IHop for the pancake faces.


She chose to go to Build-A-Bear and cross her fingers that we will be here next year so she can invite ALL her friends. Life doesn't always work out the way we plan and she's such a trooper. I'm sure whatever comes her way she will embrace it with a smile like she always does.

We are so proud of you Janey Bug!!

Happy 6th Birthday!!!


Natalie said...

I seriously can't believe she's 6. I have a vivd memory of the Sunday you came over to our apt after church and brought Jane in her carseat. She was just a baby. Time sure does fly. You have a 6 year old and now I have a baby in a car seat. Wish we were closer so I could see all your kids and you could meet Brooklyn. I love, love reading your blog and seeing how your family is growing. I miss you guys lots!!!

The Gatherum Family said...

happy bday jane! she is so cute, i hope her special day is fantastic. by the way, i LOVE the quilt you made.

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Jane!! 6 is a fabulous age!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I love all the b'day pics! I can't believe she's six, especially since that means Abby will be six in just a few months. So crazy!!! I hope she has a SUPER DUPER 6th b'day! Build-A-Bear is so fun. :) And I'm crossing my fingers next year! :)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Jane!

Boo hoo on seeing pictures of Kathy.

Erica said...

Happy birthday Janey Bug!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! We've been thinking about you all day.

Kami said...

Happy #6 Jane! I love seeing all the old pictures.

Becca said...

I can't believe Jane is 6! She should seriously still be 3. And every year should be a princess party, right? Lily is going to Princesses on Ice in a few minutes--oh, it will be sad when that's not cool anymore! Happy 6th Birthday Beautiful Jane!!!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!! Did you have fun at Build-a-Bear??? I can't wait to hear!

jenn said...

You have me smiling and crying all in the same blog. She is such a happy "spicey" girl, she makes me laugh. But I miss MY MOM and I miss YOU and I miss "MY BABIES".

Hope you had a fun that I am bawling my eyes out!!

amanda said...

mom i love you for ever

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Happy Birthday Jane!

Also, wanted to let you know, that one day you told me that your mom just got sick of hearing the bad news over and over. I finally realize how she felt. At first, I thought, I'll never feel that way. Last week was the first time I knew exactly how she felt. The bad news just gets so overwhelming sometimes. it feels like it's just one things after another. Don't worry, I know no intentions of giving up, not by any means. I do however, know how frustrated your mom felt! Cancer totally sucks and it just gets so damn old!