Monday, November 30, 2009


No pictures=boring posts

I must have been too busy in the kitchen to take any pictures over the weekend but we had a great Thanksgiving. These are the events that made it memorable:

-Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Randy drove out to be with us. I have made that drive 2 too many times so I know what kind of a sacrifice that is. We loved having them.

-Grandma Jeanne helped me put on my first Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was finished at the same time so nothing was burned or cold. It really was a yummy dinner if I do say so myself.

-Our sink dropped out of our counter as Grandpa was doing the dishes, our dishwasher was clogged, and our shelf broke in my Grandma's hutch breaking 3 of my bowls from my wedding. We were lucky enough to grab the sink and fix the dishwasher all before my kitchen was flooded, and Macy's still sell my dishes so they are replaceable.

-Black Friday was crazy, crowded, cold, scary at times, but I was able to get ALL my Christmas shopping DONE!!

-BYU beat Utah and we celebrated with many of our great friends from church.

-Jane in her little innocent and grateful attitude kept saying, "this is the BEST Thanksgiving of my life:)"

...and it was.


Kami said...

Wow...the whole sink thing along with guests in town might have sent me to the looney bin. I'm glad you feel the weekend/the biggest meal O' the year was a success.

Cute little Janey!

Staci said...

A holiday just wouldn't be the same if there isn't a little drama involved in some form, a least that's how Holidays are in my family. That's great you had family there!

Dawn said...

I love how KIDS keep things in perspective. It probably WAS "the BEST Thanksgiving ever".

Wish you were closer for the holidays. Congrats on your first Thanksgiving on your own!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

What in the world? Your sink, dishwasher, and your bowls? Was there an earthquake or something? haha :) So glad that all turned out okay.