Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cancer Free Lungs

Today we participated in a walk against lung cancer. 2 of our dear neighbors have lost their moms to lung cancer this year. We all joined in as a team to show our support and love to our friends and their dear moms. I am no stranger to cancer and the pain that it can bring so I was happy to participate.

Allison, Amy, Me, Denise (Denise's mom is a Lung Cancer Survivor:)

Jane and Julia

Laura and Izzy (Laura's mom passed away on August 25 of this year. We walked in memory of her)

Me, Aly, Jessie, Bella, Adi, Izzy, Laura, Laura

It was a fun and early morning. But we feel so blessed that we are a part of the Lindsey Court Gang who have welcomed us with open arms.


Alyssa Hanzon said...

Good for you. I am glad you could participate in such a worthwhile event. You look great, and it was fun to see pictures of you and your friends. Have a fabulous weekend.

Dawn said...

I didn't even know you were doing this. I am so proud of all you have done this past year for 'stupid' cancer. I need to do more.

I have wondered how your friend is doing... heartbroken still, I am sure.

What a great friend you are and what great friends you have. You have surrounded yourself with good people. Good Job, today!
(Cancer still sucks!)

jenn said...

What a proactive friend and cancer supporter you are. You are making a difference as you connect with these friends who need someone who understands what they are going through. I am proud of you. You have such a great perspective on life. Thanks for chatting with me today and listening to me cry. I missed you this weekend. You are too far away. When are you coming home? I am glad you have such good friends to help you feel at home in Indiana...but we still miss you like crazy!!!!!

Lee said...

What a great thing to do!! I am glad you have such great friends in your neighborhood!!

Barney Family said...

How fun for you guys!!! You have great neighbors. Okay so thats why 131 was closed all Saturday morning. One more road closure I'm about to go insane.

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I'm so sorry about your friends' moms. Cancer is such a scary disease. So many people...a friend that I used to work/dance with passed away this past May from lung cancer. But that is really neat that you all participated in this walk. I bet it's comforting to have the support of friends who have experienced the same heartbreak and are motivated to stand up against the disease through events like these. That's really awesome.

Kami said...

It is crazy to me that you have made such great friends so fast with much in common. It really isn't a coincidence. Good for you guys!

Logan and Ashley said...

That is so cool. I love that you did that.
You are such a blessing for those who need some one to lean on. You are so strong. I am sure your friends feel just as blessed to have you in their lives are you are to have them. You have some great friends out there!!