Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff

I love summer and I love little girls giggling:)

I am always looking for an excuse to get together with our great friends here in Indiana.  Tobe's birthday was the perfect occasion.  What a lucky guy to have all these wonderful people come and celebrate his birthday with him.  Look at that smile:)

Tobe's new obsession is puzzles.  You have to know Tobe to understand his obsessions:)

Woah!!  That's all I have to say about that:)

Jane had her dance recital on Saturday afternoon.  Yes-I did get a babysitter for the other 2 which left just Brett and I there to cheer Jane on.  I felt a little lonely.  Not that I would have expected anyone to come but the mere fact that there was no one else to support her was a little sad.  It sure is lonely at times being "so far far away!!"
Jane did a fabulous job.  She is a beautiful ballerina even though she's not sure ballet is her thing (I don't blame her..sorry Aunt Dawnie:)

Saturday evening was the "Out Run the Sun" race against melanoma.  Most of you know that melanoma is what took my mother's  life back in July so this was a race I really wanted to run.  Brett agreed to run it with me and I think we are both so glad we did.  I am not one to join a cause and certainly cancer is NOT my friend but I felt as though I was a part of the melanoma club.  
Before the race they honored those who have survived from melanoma and those who have not.  I got to wear a sign "honoring my melanoma hero" and I got to sign a banner with my mom's name on it.  They gave the survivors balloons that they released to the sky.  I was really emotional.  Somedays don't hurt as much as others but there are still those days when the pain and the memories come back.  
I am glad we ran this race for my mom.  
I miss her everyday!


Lee said...

I love the ballerina pictures! So sweet!! And next time you run something like that.. let us know!! I think that is great that you did that.
Call me.. we'll play!

Dawn said...

I understand about the ballet thing - it takes a "personality" to love ballet, I am still wondering why I loved it so much - I am way too ADD.
Jane is a free spirit and would love CREATIVE dance. Find a studio for her OR START ONE!! ha ha J/K!!

I told Aaron all about the 5k. I had a lump in my throat the entire time. Anything that honors Mom makes me cry! I am so glad you and Brett did it.

I love your house. It is the party house!

3 more weeks...

Debbie said...

Is Ali cute enough? Well they all are!
I have never missed your mom more than lately. I have decided to take a lawn chair to her grave and just sit there and tell her all the things I have wanted to. I might look a little cuckoo, but what's new?

Kami said...

good for you two for running that together. I love random/ a bunch of stuff posts. Espesh when they include Baby Aly bum pics. :)

jenn said...

That was a really sweet blog. I wish I could see Tobe's sweet smile. I wish I could be at Jane's Dance recital. I wish I could pinch Aly's cute bum. I wish I could run that 5k race with you and Brett, that is soooo cool. I wish they had one here. I wish my mom hadn't died of melanoma last year. I wish she were here. I wish you hadn't moved so far away. I wish, I wish, I wish....

Staci said...

Looks like you guys have met some good friends, how fun! That is great you did the race, what an honor to do it on behalf of your mom!

Kristine said...

I loooovve the bum/high heels! What a cute girl you have. Those are the most priceless pictures :) I started crying when I saw your tee shirt and MOM sign. It is surreal that your Mom is no longer here, in body. The race was a great way to honor her and it sounds like it was a special experience.

Misti said...

Please tell Tobe Happy "Late" birthday from us. And tell Jane she looked beautiful up on that stage. I'm glad to see that you survived the storm. We or having storms now and Amy is up camping with the YW. Glad it's not me

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Awesome pictures! And I think it also really AWESOME that you and Brett ran in that race. Just seeing the pictures made me tear up. I can't even imagine how emotional that must have been for you. I'm sure it would mean so much to your mom.

And happy belated b'day to Tobe! Looks like he had a great party. :)