Friday, July 18, 2008

I Am a Daughter Because She is My Mom

Today I was talking with my mom and I made the comment that I just want to be a daughter right now; not a mom, not a wife, not a house keeper, not a cook; just a daughter. My mom replied, "But I'm not being a very good mother. You girls are more of the mother right now." Obviously I didn't pay any mind to what she said because it certainly isn't true.
My mom is the best. I know every one feels that way about their own mom but I really think I got the best. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite things about my mom.

-She's very quiet and reserved. She always stands in the shadows and makes sure that everyone else is happy before herself.
-She sang loud and obnoxiously in the car when I was a kid. When I was young I loved it, as I entered my teenage years I was embarrassed of it, and now...I do it!!
-She always loses her train of thought and says things like, "Can you get me my keys out of the refrigerator?"
-She never got mad at me as a kid. She'd get frustrated and tap her fists against her legs as her eyes got really wide, but she never got mad at me. (I still have yet to learn how she does it)
-She is a lot like her dad and I adore her dad.
-She was popular in High School and loves to tell about it.
-She has the strongest testimony. I used to say that everything she prayed for, she got. So don't be surprised if one day you read a post that she's been cured:) She truly has that much faith.
-She's very patient. Again, I still need to learn this.
-She never babied us. In fact she always encouraged us to "Buck up", "Shut up and like it", or "Stop whining."
-She loves a good juicy gossip story.
-She has a very silly laugh. It's the kind that makes you laugh just hearing it and watching it.
-She has the craziest way of organizing. SHE knows where every thing is (in fact she even put together a file box of 3x5 index cards with the location of everything you might need) but you still can't hardly find anything.
-She has a way of making every one feel at peace, good about themselves, and better having known her.

In this experience I have been amazed at all the cards, phone calls, and visits. While I've mentioned that people are good, I truly believe it is a reflection of my mom's goodness. So many people love her. I am proud to be one of them.
I love you mom!!


UT Halls said...

Your list made me smile - BIG! She is all that and more.

You are a lot like her. Be proud of who you are.

I Love you -

Kami said...

One of my favorite memories of your mom, was when we saw summer movies as kids and a certain someone peed their pants, and your mom wouldn't let her sit down in the back seat of your wood paneled station wagon. It wasn't that funny then, but oh so funny now. :)

Josh said...

You forgot "Swwaaauuuce!" I don't even know how to spell that one.

Debbie said...

She is also full of fun! Think all the trips and parties!

Jenna said...

What a tribute. Your mom is an amazing person.

Kelli said...

Great list! Have you shared it with your mom yet? She'll love it.

Staci said...

Your Mom sounds truly awesome! It sounds like you have such an amazing relationship with her!