Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Introductions Please!!

I thought it would be fun to introduce you all to each other and explain how I know each of you.  It's kind of fun to see who is commenting and why.  I've only introduced those who comment;  "active bloggers" if you will.  So here it goes:

Ashley - is Brett's younger sister.  Logan is her husband.  She lives in Colorado and has one little boy, Reid.
Erica - is also Brett's younger sister.  Jamey is her husband.  She lives in Colorado and has two boys, Spencer and Jamison.
Samantha - is Brett's cousin and lives in Arizona.

Staci - is a friend I went to High School with.
Marti - is a friend I went to High School with.  Her daughter recently won the battle with cancer.  
Adrian - is also a friend I went to High School with.
Liz - is in my ward.  Our daughters go to preschool together.
Jason and Misti - live across the street.  They are wonderful neighbors and will be in many pictures because they always help us with our projects.
Leslie - used to be in our ward but has moved.  Her husband passed away in November and her blog reveals her strong testimony and brave spirit.
Kelli - is a friend I met at Dixie College.  We became instant friends.  She moved back home to Virginia with her husband Pat but we've managed to keep in touch.  
Jen - is a friend I met while attending BYU.  We lived together along with Laura.
Jenna - is a friend I met at BYU.  We majored in dance together and still keep in touch on a regular basis.
Becca - is a friend I met while attending Dixie College.  We then roomed together at BYU and now are still good friends.
Lisa - I met through blogging.
The Tyler Family consists of Debbie (the mom), Shauna, Becky, and Kami.  Debbie and my mom are best friends so I grew up with Kami as my best friend.  

People ask me all the time why I blog and now I can say it is so I can stay in touch with such great people.  As a mom it is hard to keep up with  each other's lives so this is my desperate housewives club and my social outlet along with my strategy to stay in touch.
I love blogging!


Shauna said...

Cute idea, I will be checking out those blogs now.

Kami said...

I too love blogging for all the same reasons. Thanks! Now we have all been formally introduced, blogger-style.:)

Lisa Cannon said...

Thanks for the introductions. What a great idea!!!

Melissa said...

Good idea. I love blogging too. So addicting.

Becky, yep said...

WHAT?!?! That's all I get..one of the Tyler fam...boring..
your next post should be details! not just the facts..juicy stuff, you know?

Debbie said...

Hello, How do you do? It is nice to meet you all. A special thanks to our host, Amanda.

Logan and Ashley said...

Cute idea. It is fun to see who people talk to and keep in touch with. I am the coolest one on the list may I add!!! :0)

Liz said...

WHAT! i am not even a friend just a ward member! JK. Cute idea.

Staci said...

That was fun to see how you connect with all the different readers . Great idea!

Kelli said...

Nice to "meet" all of you! :)