Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy 20 10th Birthday!!

When Jane is counting she always forgets that you go to 30 after 29.  She says 20 10.  So Brett thinks he's turning 20 10 not 30.  
So it is my wonderful husband's birthday today!!  Happy Birthday to a great husband, friend, and father.  I thought I'd share a few of his favorite things: (the numbers coordinate with the pictures)

1. He loves to travel and he loves history so we took a trip to Washington DC for his 29th birthday.
2. He loves to rock climb.
3. He loves his mission.  We are planning a trip to Brazil in the fall.
4. He loves his dad.  When I tell him that he is just like his dad, he takes it as a huge compliment.
5. He wrestled in High School and jumps at the chance to wrestle around with anyone willing or not willing (our poor kids)
6. needed a photo
7. He loves watching sports.  He enjoys when the kids will sit there with him because then he can't say he isn't helping out.
8. He loves his MAC.  I call him the "Mac Daddy":)
9. He loves to garden.  That is our next project.
10. He loved his Bullet Bike.  Someday he hopes to get another one.  Not if I have something to say about it though.
11. He loves his brother Jason.  They are 15 months apart and Brett looks up to Jason.
12. He loves being weird.
13. He wanted an Audi but settled for a Jetta.  I guess I won't say that he loves his car.
14. He LOVES his kids.  He is such a good daddy.  I love this about him.
15. He loves me!!  He must if he is willing to do all my honey do lists before his own.  He really wanted to build a deck this year but I got a new floor.
16. Again, he loves being silly and I love this about him as well.

Happy Birthday Brett!!
We love you and are happy to have you as our daddy!!


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Debbie said...

Brett! You are a fun, funny, nice man and you have a beautiful family. Have a great day!

Kirkpatricks said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! You big stud :) #12 is pushing it, but I guess I see the wierd things that you do around us :)

Lisa Cannon said...

Happy birthday Brett! I hope that you have a great day!!

Kami said...

Welcome to the 30's Brett! Amanda, you are up next!

P.S. good work on the mosaic, it looks great! You will soon be hooked!

Logan and Ashley said...

I hope he loves his sisters too, and his mom!! J/K How sweet of you to do, he is a great guy, I hope he had a great birthday!!

The Gatherum Family said...

Happy Happy b-day to your hubby who I do not know, but feel like I do, from the wonderful world of blogging! As of yet, my 20 10th year has been great! Hope Brett has a great day-
P.S. I sure HOPE your "gut" is right with the whole "pink" thing ;)

Kirkpatricks said...

WOW!!!! I didn't know Bret had so many friends and family!!! What a tribute. What a stud at 30 years old. Was that a new floor? It was most beautimous! Professional job! Let us know who did it. Mis is dying to do our kitchen now! Great job on the party Amanda, I won't let Bret know about the gift cards. Thanks for all of the treats!

Becky, yep said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Dorius?!?!
thanks for making my friend so happy and for fathering some of the cutest kids around!
Hope 30 is YOUR Year!