Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Donuts and Cider

I wanted to start October off festively!! I had read on Nie Nie's blog that every year on October 1st, they watch Sleepy Hollow and have donuts and apple cider.  It sounded so perfect.  Blogs always do:)  My kids weren't even hungry for the donuts, they didn't like the apple cider and the movie we chose, Nightmare Before Christmas was too scary!!  Oh well I tried:)  These pictures make it look perfect so let's pretend for a moment that is was......

Jane invited her BFF Ashlee!!

There-doesn't that look perfect!!!  Hee Hee

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Dawn said...

Looks perfect to me!!
It never turns out how you think... How often do you have FHE & find yourself feeling frustrated instead of "feeling the spirit"? :( at least you tried!!! It's worth the effort, in my opinion!