Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aly's 5th Birthday-Sending Balloons to Heaven

July 26th was Aly's 5th birthday.  She woke up to balloons in her room, the Happy Birthday Banner, and her present from mom and dad.  This year she got a lunch box, lip balm that she covets every time we are in the check out line of Target, and her very own IPod shuffle.  She felt like the luckiest girl in the world.  
She then chose to take 2 friends to Build a Bear for her birthday party.  She invited Savanna and Kate.

After we got back from Build A Bear we invited some friends over to our HOT house (our A/C went out that morning:) to have ice cream and cake.  

We then had a slumber party in the cool basement to escape the heat.  The entire day Aly kept thanking me for making it the "Best Birthday Ever"!!  She's hug me and kiss me and say "Thanks for making this birthday the best".  Oh it is times like these that I love being a mom!!

Speaking of Moms..... my wonderful mother went to heaven the day after Aly's 1st birthday.  I wish they weren't so close to each other.  Aly's birthday always reminds me of the last day I spent with my mom.  She never really got to know Aly and how silly she can be.  I know she would have loved her spunky personality.  I know she watches her from above and for now that will have to do.
On July 27th we sent our messages to heaven on balloons.  I love to read what the kids and Brett write. I always give her an update on my life and the kids.  The kids truly believe she reads them and I think I do too:)  

We love you Mom/Grandma Kathy!!  Continue to watch over us from heaven!!!

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Dawn said...

Your kids are so sweet! I wish Mom could have enjoyed Aly's fun little personality. She would have "eaten her up". I'm so glad that Jane has her tender heart. Although she was young when Mom died, for some reason, she & Mom connected in a special way. And Tobe will always be special because of how special he was to Mom. I am going to have to agree- I'm sure Mom loves receiving your messages each year. We always miss you on July 27th- but you are all never far from our thoughts. We love you!!