Sunday, February 5, 2012

DisneyWorld Day 5

Back to Magic Kingdom!!

for some reason Tobe did not want Pinnochio's signature. I'm not sure why but he wouldn't allow him to sign. Weird kid!!

Aly told Daisy that her bow looked pretty. By now she was warming up to the characters a little.

We finally found the princesses. Aly was in heaven. She kept saying, "I think they love us" while we were waiting in line. She would just run up and hug them. It was so cute.

She told Cinderella that she loved her. Cinderella wasn't quite sure what to say. It's funny what a real princess can do to a young princess in training:)

Space Mountain is Jane's favorite ride. Again, Aly couldn't go on it.

Tobe wanted to ask Jasmine why she shows her belly button. Brett threatened him with his life. Oh Tobe!!
Waiting for the parade!!

They'll enjoy being on their own, and you won't barf the rest of the day. Everyone wins:)

This was our late night. Aly didn't quite make it.

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Dawn said...

I think it's funny that Aly feel asleep with her legs crossed like a princess. :). I would have loved to hear Jasmine's answer as to why she shows her belly button... "Oh Tobe" is right... He makes me giggle.