Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Preview

Jane's party was today and it was a HUGE success. I will write details and post pictures later but I wanted to post this.

All the loot Jane collected for the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital:

All the loot Jane ended up with for herself:

All of her friends wrote her nice cards and she was a happy little girl.

To see all those toys and presents (that Tobe and Aly were drooling over) and then to come in the other room and see a smiling little Janey Bug reading all her cards was priceless. She is a special little girl. I am lucky to be her mom:)


Dawn said...

I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!! What a darling and GOOD girl she is!! Growing up too fast.

Glad it is over and that you can sleep at night. I am sad we couldn't have been there to help. Congrats on pulling such an awesome thing off!

The Miranda's said...

Courtney had soo much fun! And I loved Jane's birthday party idea!

jenn said...

My heart is happy. What a sweetheart. I have been talking about her to everyone I see. I even told the checker at the grocery store. I am one proud aunt. I bet she is feeling a warm heart too. You should be very proud. I love those "mom" moments, that make you cry with joy when you are so proud of your children. Love you both!

Debbie said...

Think of how happy other little children will be. Good job, Jane. That is a wonderful gift to others!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Wow!!! Look at all that stuff! And I just looked at all the pictures too - what a cool carnival! You must have put SO much work into that. What a good mom you are, Amanda. It is so awesome that Jane wanted to do this for her birthday this year. I just showed Abby the pictures of all of the presents the kids donated. I bet the kids who came to Jane's party will be inspired to do this too - just like Abby was inspired by one of her friends. :) It will be a neat experience to deliver the toys to the Children's Hospital. The reps were SO appreciative when we delivered the donations - and we didn't even have half as much as what you guys collected. Very cool!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jane!!!

Staci said...

That is so awesome! So cute that she was happy with just the letters! What a great idea and what a great example to all those kids!