Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Too Much Fun"

This weekend was fabulous. Busy--but with a little planning and teamwork (what's gonna work?--TEAMWORK--duh!) it was a great weekend and we are pooped:)

Friday night our friend who works in ticket sales for the Indian Pacers gave us front row seats to the Houston Rockets/Indiana Pacers game. Our tickets were $650.oo each and we felt really cool walking all the way down to the front row behind the basket.

Well halfway through the first quarter he came by and upgraded our tickets to $1000.00 each tickets right next to the Houston Rockets. How cool is that?? And to top it off, Larry Bird signed our tickets.

The view from the "cheap seats"

the view from the upgrade

Saturday we took the short 3 hour trip (when you are 24 hours away from family, 3 hours is nothing:) to Chicago to spend the day with Dad and Roe. We left early and headed straight to the Museum of Science and Industry. Sounds boring but it is actually fabulous and great for kids. We all had a good time.

The best part was the "Poop Happens" skit where they said the word "poop" countless times which made Tobe crack up hysterically, they described how food is processed and digested until it actually turns to poop--yuck!! Dad thought it would be funny to volunteer Roe to do the pooping part. It was kinda funny I must admit. I'm not sure where my dad slept that night but I am guessing it wasn't comfy:)

Tobe in a tractor

After the museum we went to Navy Pier. It was cold so we didn't stay long.

We left around 7pm and headed back home. It was a long day but the kids travel great and it was so fun to see Grandpa and Roe.

Thanks for a great day in Chicago!!!!


jenn said...

great pictures, glad you had fun, we missed you today.:-(

Dawn said...

I love the photos!! I am going to have to hear the "poop" story in more detail - from you AND from Roe. Too funny!

I love your coat and hat. Where did you get it!

I hate to see your kids grow up for "far far away"! I miss you all.

Staci said...

I'm jealous, Chicago is one of my favorite cities!

Kami said...

Those seats are amazing! What a fun weekend you all had! Wow, it looks freezing there. Glad you got to be with your family...3 hours is not bad, considering.

Lee said...

Looks like so much fun!! And front row!! That is awesome!! Thanks for the pics!!

Debbie said...

I didn't know you were so close to Chicago or Shuckogo. I really like that spelling best. So cute. You guys are so busy having fun in Indy. That is great!

BradandMelanie said...

We still haven't been to Chicago, but it always sounds like so much fun. It looked like you guys were super stars sitting so close at the game, how fun is that?!?

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

How fun! My mom lives in Chicago now, have I told you that? I haven't been to visit yet, but hopefully soon. And how cool is that you got those awesome seats for the game? Looks like you guys had a blast!

Brook said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I was going to suggest Navy Pier, but I thought it would be too cold. Glad you got to see family.

Kristine said...

It looks freeeezing!! (But your adorable matching hat and gloves are perfect :) Your seats at that game are AWESOME! Can you even imagine having the expendable income to spend almost $700 on tickets to a basketball game? That's the life! Your kids are all so beautiful, just like their perfect cheekboned mother!

Alan said...

Crazy to think that you had over $2,300 in tickets sitting in your pocket. Ben is so spoiled, the other day I asked if he wanted to go to the Pacers game. He thinks for a mintue:

Ben: Do you have a suite for us?Me: No just regualar seats.
Ben: Are they courtside?
Me: Nope.
Ben: Forget it then.

amanda said...

alan-- that is too funny. i think we are getting a little spoiled as well:)