Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Utah Recap

It was so good to be back in Utah with my family.  Oh how I have missed them.  People ask me all the time if I miss the mountains, the snow (we don't get nearly the snow here), etc., etc., all I can say is , "I MISS MY FAMILY!!"  
The moment I stepped off the plane I felt like I had never left.  No long dreary, gray skies, lonely winter I had just endured by myself.  I felt what it was like to feel comfortable again.  It was a great feeling.  I loved every moment.  

Day 1- my kids flew very well.  Aly is very busy but didn't make too much noise.  No dirty looks from grumpy people who either don't remember or who haven't experienced young children:)  It was uneventful which is a good day in my life:)
When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by Dawn, Mackay, Kenzie, Hayden, Josh, and Megan signs, balloons, and most of all familiar faces.  It was overwhelming and I cried. 

That night I spent the evening with my dad.  I had asked that I could have a moment in my mom's house without the whole clan.  It was a nice evening.  I looked around and tried to picture my mom in places I had remembered.  She always sat at her computer and as I would enter her house she'd yell, "Hello!!!"  She wasn't there:(
Dad took me to Cafe Rio for a pork salad that I had been missing.  It hadn't changed and I almost ate the whole thing knowing it would be a while until I could have another.
We visited the cemetery and talked about mom.  We both miss her and I needed to hear that.  

Day 2- We had a BBQ at my dad's house.  It was then that I met Roe England (my dad's soon to be wife).  I'm sure many of you are wondering how that went.  I was a little nervous to meet her and I think she was equally nervous to meet me.  She is wonderful.  She was very sweet and sensitive when we talked about my mom which is something I truly appreciate.  She fits in our family nicely and I am happy that she makes my dad happy. 

my dad has snakes in his back yard....YUCK!!

Day 3-  We went to Kamryn's (my niece) birthday party at Jungle Jim's.  And then had a bridal shower for my brother's wife Stephanie.  I wish I had pictures of the shower because my sister is very talented at throwing a party.  Someday I'll get her to set up a blog.  Her ideas are worth sharing:)

Day 4- We went to church in Lehi to see all our old friends.  I miss them so much.  Misti and Jason had put together a BBQ for us after church .  Jane got to play with her best friend Emma.  She was in heaven and so was I:)

Then we went to my sister Ashley's house for a joint birthday party.  Tobe's birthday is in May so he was lucky this year to celebrate it with the family.  He couldn't wait to open all his presents and Uncle Josh and Aunt Megan found the Toby Train that we had been looking for for years.  What a surprise!!  He loved it!!

Day 5- Dawn and I ran errands and met Joshie and Megan for lunch (just like old times except we were missing mom).

Day 6- We had dentist appointments.  The kids thought this was a mean trick that they had to go to the dentist on vacation but Uncle Aaron is kind enough to take care of all our dental needs:)

Later on I met up with my good friend Jenna. We went to dinner and shopped the mall.

Day 7- was an open day as well.  Jane spent the day and night at Kamryn's house so I could have a break and in the evening I went to my dad's house to eat dinner with Dad and Roe.  

the kids had a blast pulling Molly around.  Poor Molly:(

Day 8- Brett came in this day.  He missed his connecting flight (don't ask:) so he was a little late getting in but he made it just in time for the Bachelor Party for Adam.  I went to dinner with Kami, Adrian, and Staci.  Brett was busy getting in trouble by the Draper police for shooting an Air Soft gun in my dad's backyard.  Somedays I wonder if he'll ever grow up:)  I guess he keeps me young right?

Day 9- Brett and I went to the cemetery and then to the mall with Josh and Megan.  I needed to find a dress and the kids wanted to ride the Merry-Go-Round which is a fav of ours.  The boy working the carousel let the kids ride 6 times.  They laughed every time it stopped and started back up again.  It was so funny!!  Then we let them play in the Dino Land.

That evening was the wedding dinner for Adam and Stephanie.  It was nice.  Josh and Dad had to give a toast which had me missing mom.  Her absence was felt this night.  As I watched Dad and Roe walk to his car after the dinner I thought, "What is wrong with this picture.  Where is Mom?"  But the thought of him walking to his car alone seemed worse.  I am glad he's not alone now.  

Josh's vest was a little snug.  He was heading home to go running and take a laxative to fit into it in the morning:)  It didn't work Joshie!!

Day 10 - Wedding Day!!  It was so neat to be in the temple with my family.  My mom's chair was empty and so many times I wanted to run over there and say, "Hi Mom!!" but that would be creepy.  I knew she was there and I knew she saw me.  I didn't want to leave the temple.  I could have stayed forever.

two little trouble makers

the groomsmen attire

Jane's flower girl dress

Dad and Roe

The happy couple

Uncle Joshie

Tobe and Hayden at the reception.  They looked so handsome.

Jane was in heaven dreaming of her wedding someday:) 

Day 11- we went to Lehi again and visited with our friends.  Brett hadn't seen them yet.  

Day 12- We headed back to Indiana. :(  

It was so fun to be with our family and friends this week.  We love you all and can't wait to see you in a month!!  

Thanks to all of you who made this trip wonderful!!


Brook said...

Bummed I missed you! I will have to see you when you come back! Looks like a fun trip. Glad you got to come!

Logan and Ashley said...

Wow what a week. It sounded fantastic!! That dress looks beautiful on Jane. Good color for her. So glad the kids did well on the plane. Um let me see there is so much to comment on... the wedding looked nice. I think that is it, you look so happy in the ONE pic of you. It is so nice to visit family!!

Jenna said...

I miss you already. So glad we got to spend a little time together. I am really looking forward to you coming back. Thanks for a fun night of catching up. Like you said, it was like you never left.

Kami said...

I too am so glad I got to see you while you were here. I loved all the pictures. I'm glad every thing went well at the wedding. We need to talk...call me. :)

Lee said...

Looks like you had a fantastic trip. I am sad you are missing it. BUT I am thrilled you are back. I missed you!!!

BradandMelanie said...

Welcome back, it looks like you had tons of fun with friends and family, that's the best!

Debbie said...

What a trip! I thought it was a hoot to watch all the kids dancing. I guess it runs in the family!

Alyssa Hanzon said...

I am thrilled to see you are back. I missed your blog posts. I have not had a chance to talk to Dawn yet about the wedding and events leading up to it. But, from the looks of it, you were all very busy. She was preoccupied with the shower and wanted it to go so well. I hope it did. I am glad you could be in Utah for the wedding festivities and that you had a chance to do many of the things you wanted to do. I bet you wished for more time though. There is never enough time to do and see all the things you want when you are in town. That is how I always feel anyway. Hope you felt the presence of your mom. Hope you feel content with how life is progressing for your family members. Hope you can hang in there until the next trip home...what is that, like just a few weeks from now??? Have a great Indiana day!!

Misti said...

It was so fun being with you guys again. We sure do miss you and I'm not going to run again until you come back to be my partner. So tell Brett he has the 20 pounds I'm going to gain "on his shoulders". Can't wait to see again in June/July.

Shauna said...

How fun for you guys. I teared up a little when you talked about your mom in the temple. How fun to go back to your Lehi ward.

Kristine said...

What a great visit with your family. I love Adams's new wife's flowers, she is beautiful too. I loved your post about your Mom, it is so amazing that you have such a love for her...I hope my girls like me half as much as you like her. I'm glad you had a good visit, hope all is well with you.

Dawn said...

We had a blast!!
Very eventful...

I miss your kids running around - giggling and entertaining MY kids.
Molly misses her kisses from Tobey.
Something isn't quite right, my jewelry is all still in my jewelry box??? :(

But the thing I miss most is the comfort of "old times". It was fun to do some of the things we used to do.
It was an emotional week for me. So, thanks for letting me cry at any given moment, and making me feel dumb, weak, crazy, or judged.

I can't wait for you to come back.

Dawn said...

and NOT making me feel dumb...

It is 12:23 am -

Ann said...

Thank you for sharing your trip to Utah and Adam's wedding. I was thinking about all of you that day and how your Mother was with you every step of the way.

Thank you for understanding about your Dad.....it is not easy to go it alone after so many wonderful years, even if you have the worlds best kids and grandkids (spouses too!)


Jillie Ann

amanda said...

uto bak hom in erplan yuyyu