Monday, April 13, 2009

Hannah Montana, A Playset, and Easter

can life get any better for a kid?  I am beginning to think our kids are a little spoiled these days.  My mom would say, "Oh they deserve it"  so I will agree and say that for the most part, they deserve it.  They are good kids


dancing after the show

Friday Jane and I went to see the Hannah Montana movie.  Jane was so excited and she felt so special.  On the way over we were chatting about nothing really and she said, "Mom I sure like talking to you:)"  
On the way home Jane asked if Hannah Montana knew Jesus.  Oh the questions that pop out of that girl crack me up.

Saturday we had wonderful people come and help Brett finish our playset (and no it didn't take near 45 hours).  They finished it and the kids couldn't be happier (which means that I couldn't be happier;-)

Then we decorated Easter Eggs!!

Easter morning was crazy busy because we had church at 9 am.  But the kids managed to have a couple PEEPS before church and I snuck a few too:)  I don't know what the Easter Bunny was thinking this year.  He knows I end up eating all the candy.  Maybe he did it on purpose;-)

Tobe kept giving Aly all his eggs.  He's so sweet.

Sunday afternoon we were invited to Brett's boss's house for dinner.  The dinner was wonderful as well as the company.  Their children put together a record breaking Easter Egg hunt.  I think my kids hit the jackpot with all the candy this year and the Tenny's might be finding eggs in their yard for the next few weeks.


Samantha said...

I have to say that you are one amazing mother. The smiles on your children's faces just screams "Our mom is the coolest". I am coveting that swing set of yours. I need one for my backyard. We have a trampoline but no swingset. Glad to hear that it did not take 45 hours. :-) I will have to look at Costco.

jenn said...

Like I said before, you have a fun life, and you are the best mommy in the world, and your kids are so happy and so dang cute and I miss them terribly!! Enjoy those happy faces while they are young. Sam and I colored all of the Easter eggs this year and then he woke up early to find them and no one else would get out of bed until 11:00. Poor Sam. The other kids are a bunch of old party-poopers. Love the swing set.

Debbie said...

I really think you are one busy mamma! Lucky little children!

Dawn said...

Livin' the Life... ha ha.
Aly's hair is getting so ... so... big. It isn't long like Jane's, and not thick like Tobe's, it looks that even a word? She is so cute. All your kids are changing so much. I can't wait until you bring them home to play.

Maybe the Easter bunny is on my team... hee hee hee.

Logan and Ashley said...

Holy swing set. Reid would be so jealous. I will not show him these pictures.
Jane looks really old in that picture with the jean jacket and pink skirt. I hate that I miss so much of them growing up.
And oh Tobe. He is such a sweetie. I love that he was giving his eggs to Aly. He sure is a special guy.
Aly of course melts my heart no matter what. I love that girl!
Glad you guys had a good Easter. Check Erica's blog for pics, sorry!! :)

Staci said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Your kids look so grown up since you left Utah!

Alyssa Hanzon said...

I love that Jane enjoys her time with you just "talking". That is the kind of relationship we need to nurture and solidify for when our girls are teenagers. Being able to chat with mom about anything is important - even Jesus and Hannah Montana. The kids all look so grown up. They are making so many great memories. It was fun to see pictures of Brett, too. And I love your house and yard. From the photos they both seem so open and spacious. Room to spread out and be free. Aahhh...Spring. You gotta love it. Have a great week. AH

Brook said...

I love the swing set! Looks sweet! I love Janes pretty dress. Looks like a fun Easter with lots of treats. I think that I have eaten more than enough candy! I need to stop! I need to hit the gym!

Kami said...

What a fun weekend! Hannah Montana?! What a lucky duck!

Alyssa Hanzon said...

Your yard looks like (and appears to be)a nature preserve or wildlife habitat with all its spaciousness, vegetation and roaming animals. I would love a yard like that. Even if it had scary ducks. Worry about a garden next year. You'll be too busy playing on your new swingset equipment anyway. Keep blogging. Love your posts. AH