Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Busy FUN Weekend

This weekend was very busy but very FUN!!  We are lucky enough to have met some great friends who have taken me and my 

*sometimes destructive
*only a grandma/grandpa/aunts/uncles could really love 

children in. 

Thank you to all of you who make me feel so welcome and loved.

Friday Night:  Brett and I hate date night.  There really isn't anything better than date night.  We went to Kohls to buy Brett some pants for my brothers wedding (and Adam he is offended that you would say he isn't hip:)  And then we went to dinner at Mudsocks Grill.  Apparently Fishers, IN used to be called Mudsocks way back when.  Hmmm...

Saturday Morning: Brett went to pick up our new swing set that we bought from Costco.  Not really a Saturday afternoon project we are learning.  It will be more like 4 Saturdays in a row project.  How do you explain that to little kids? 
(KP...we miss your help:( )
The playset came in 7 boxes and someone told us it will take 45 hours to complete.  Hmm let's see how many times Tobe will say "My wingset ready dad?" in 45 hours.  

About 5 times a minute 
x 60 minutes in an hour
x 45 hours
=13,500 times 
Oh boy!!!

Aly is saying "Ew Ew Ew" because Tobe peed his pants in the garage while waiting for the "wingset" to be ready.  You can see the puddle in the back.. Ew!! is right.

Saturday Afternoon:  We went to an Easter Egg hunt over at Sara's house.  My camera took one picture and then died.  
Luckily my friend Jamie took a few of Aly eating a "War Head".  Aly loved the excitement and especially ALL the candy.

Saturday Evening:  Brett went to the Priesthood Meeting and I sat out with our neighbors with 3 fire pits to keep us warm.  I cannot wait until summer.  We projected the game on the garage of Coleen and Dave's house and sat in our circle and visited.  I let Jane stay up late just so she could continue to meet some new friends.  We both did.

My next door neighbor Gwen and her son Ben.
Gwen's husband John.  Allison and Eric.

Denise's Brother-in-law, Denise and Adi.

Lauren, Maggie, and Lauren.  All the kids love Maggie.

Sunday Morning: We went to Kellie's house for a brunch and to watch conference.  Comcast doesn't provide it for us out here:{

I would love to say that they are watching conference but I think it was HSM 3.  Hey at least they allowed us to watch conference somewhat peacefully:)

Saturday Afternoon:  We went to Lauren Smith's baptism.  The Smiths moved out here with Comcast also.  So we have kind of taken each other in.  They are like family and we are so happy they came here too.
Jane and Tobe were in awe at Lauren and the whole baptism.  Jane wanted to be by Lauren all day.  I think they are really starting to get it.

Sunday Evening: After the baptism we decided to see if we could pull up conference on our computer.  And then wondered how we'd be able to sit and watch it.  We came up with this...

...we are not in Utah anymore but we still made it work.

We had a great weekend!!


Steve said...

I am so glad that you sound so much happier. It sounds like you have made some really good friends out there. You deserve it!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Gotta love the internet. Conference wasn't coming in on our TV either.

Cute pics. It was a BUSY weekend!

Sarah said...

Hey we got a Costco playset 2 years ago, it took Matt and his brother 11 hours to put together. If he gets someone to help him they should be able to whip it out. I'm so glad your making new friends and have people to do stuff with. You deserve it.

Dawn said...

I love it!!! You guys had a FULL weekend. Lots of friends, food, fun, food, oh did I already say food... (ha ha - just kidding).

I love the puddle in the garage. I love Aly's LONG hair.

Life in Utah isn't the same anymore. I think this summer when you finally get here, you will have fun but realize so much has changed and you will go back to Indiana with a smile - maybe??

You have some great friends that have embraced you and really do love your crazy and sweet kids. They will never love them as much as we do - but they have been so good to your family. Tell them a big THANK YOU from us too.

Have a great week!

Kami said...

What a great area you live in to have made so many great friends already.

Thank Heavens for the internet...literally. ;)

ps. Love the documentation of the puddle. :)

jenn said...

What a fun weekend you had. Thanks for updating and all the cute pictures. It helps us feel close to you and those crazy kids who we miss and absolutely adore. You have a fun life in Indiana. I agree with Dawn, life here is hard because it isn't the same and change is hard. I miss the life we had last year before April 28. It may just be easier to be in Indiana. Can't wait to see you and the kids. I am counting down.

Debbie said...

The swingset constructio cracked me up. I remember watching Becky's Dave and his 2 brothers rip up the instructions to a big wheel and say, "Who needs instructions?"
When they were done, there were 3 pieces left. Funny! What a weekend. Tee would say "Time to impose the "too much fun" rule.

Alyssa Hanzon said...

Just hearing about your busy weekend made me exhausted. Your schedule was very full, but packed with fun and friends. I loved all of the pictures. You are making great memories with your family and your Indiana pals. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. Keep posting. I love to read about your family. Love, AH

Brook said...

Looks like you had a busy and fun weekend! I think that you are going to have the coolest backyard ever. I bet you will be entertaining the whole neighborhood with that sweet playset!

Shauna said...

I love Tobe, "is my wingset done". Glad you had a fun weekend.

Logan and Ashley said...

Wow you did have a busy weekend. I love that you sat out and watched the game on some ones garage. That is so awesome!!
Thanks again for calling me today. You are so good to me! You made me feel so much better about things!

amanda said...

i likc evrythyg mom lov jane lov you

Indiana Smith Family said...

Hey guys- Thank you so much for coming to Lauren's baptism. We were happy to see you there. It was such a crazy busy day/week. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!