Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshie!!!

Today is my brother Josh's 25th Birthday. We are all learning that our first birthday without the phone call from our mom is difficult. I hope you have a happy day Joshie!!!

When I told Jane that we only had 2 weeks left here in Utah she replied, "Josh is really going to miss me:(" I reminded her that we will miss him more. Josh is one of a kind.

-even though he works at night and usually gets off work at 3 or 4 in the morning, he was always up at 7 am to take care of my mom.

-because he works at night, he always comes and hangs with me during the day. he is such a big help to me especially now when I don't have Brett.

-my kids absolutely adore him. he is so good with them.

-he would do anything for anyone. I can't even count the times he has helped me.

-he is such a joy to be around. in Disney Land he and his sweet wife Megan ran from ride to ride wearing Mickey ears with their names on them.

When my mom was dying I told her that because my Grandpa Ralph died and now she was going to die I am losing all of the most genuine and kind people I know. Then I remembered that I still had Josh. If any of you knew my mom or Grandpa Ralph, you will know just how much Joshie means to me.

Happy Birthday Josh!!!
You truly are the BEST!!!!


~Tiffany~ said...

I can't believe you only have 2 weeks left in Utah! We will miss your family! It sounds like you have many good things to come, and we are so happy for you!

Kami said...

HBD Josh!

ps. let's do lunch or dinner before you go. Call me.

Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing your brother with me. I know you miss your mom so much and I just wish that pain could get easier a little faster. Josh is such a joy and I'm so glad that I have him as a son-in-law and that my Megan has him as a husband. It's because of all of you that Josh is such a great person and I'm glad he's part of our lives now too. I hope your new adventure is wonderful and we will miss you too.


Debbie said...

This morning Tee told me it was Veteran's Day and I said, "AND JOSHES BIRTHDAY."
I do remember the day you were born. What a happy day to have a boy. "Oh my Gosh, We got Josh." I am singing the song right now.
Have a great day, Josh.

Kristine said...

What a sweet post! Hope Josh has a happy birthday, sounds like he certainly deserves it!

Brook said...

Only 2 weeks?? We need to get together and have lunch. Even if we have to meet at playplace!

amy said...

I agree with Brook, we should do lunch or something. Have a 35th ward send off!

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Joshie!!!

You are amazing - I hope you know it!!! We love you so much and are grateful for you. Thanks for making life good and easy for so many of us.

Have a Great Day!!

Zackira's said...

I agree Josh is great. We love him!